Saturday, January 17, 2009

Trip to Penang National Park

I was very tired when I posting this post. It was a great trip that worthwhile to go if you are adventurous and like the nature very much!

This taken before the park open and that time was around 7

The view of Pantai Kerachut nice can!

This was the dried up Meromictic Lake which was seasonal and only appear at certain period of time.

Pantai Kerachut there also house the Turtle Conservation Centre which protect the turtle from extinction by taking care the turtle eggs and educate the public.

I am not bluffing when I say that Pantai Kerachut got Turtle!!!!! Haha!

And this was taken when we reach Monkey Beach! Yeah!

Want more?
Then stay tune for more!
Tomorrow will be posting about the whole trip!

By the way any1 going to Danzity Anniversary later?
See you all there!

Monday Pantai Kerachut trip has been cancel!

The paintball has been confirm!
CFP classmate please confirm with me through sms if you want to join!
Other readers are also welcome to join as long as you did not ponteng class! Contact me~! Haha!

Sorry for the grammatical problem in the picture.


steve said...

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nice pic le....
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