Monday, August 31, 2009


Continue from Thaw and Julia photoshooting. . . Another model of the day was Yan Peng! I hope this 1 could meet her expectation. . . Yet alot of picture at Steve and Saix place. . .








I added warming effect to all picture and some in B&W to enchance the feel. . .
Is yet to be a series I can't satisfy. . .

Hope to do well in other series!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Makan Makan!

Last Tuesday, after group discussion went to QB for Sushi King!
Mine seafood curry rice!

Thaw sushi. . .

After that, went to fetch Saix together go to Click and Snap to get mine new flash umbrella! RM110! OMG!

After that, we went to Danzity to meet with Sean them. . .
After Soya finish his dance. . . we went to near by Tang Chao to have dinner. . .
Mine Dessert

Mine Fried Noodle with "Lor"

Soya is eating and Saix was busy taking picture! Haha!

Last Thursday, went out with Thaw, Wei Lin, Eddie, Julia and Hwa them for a dinner at Thai food. . . As they always come to Island where weseldom went to mainland. . . So went there to have a dinner with them. . .

We had Thai Food at Sungai Puyu there! Dunno called the atap house or what la. . .^_^
The place looks very kampung and looks very cozy. . .

Our class couple for the month! Julia and Thaw!

Alll is made from bamboo!

Argh how i hate it when I dun have my flash unit with me! Every low light pic have to take using available light or camera flash! Damn not nice! Cause it is broken again and the people still didnt manage to get it back to be ko!
This is 1 of the example. . .Group shots taken using 18-70 f/3.5-5.6

I manage to take 2 picture of the food. . .
The Lala

The Kelabu. . .

Yesterday I watched Ballet Concert 1st time in my life! It was a different dance that i used to watch. . .Had some picture to post tomorrow. . . .

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sony A500&550 and A850

The is the new Model release video! Damn keat!

Sony A500&550

Sony a850

Friday, August 28, 2009

New Camera release again! Woho!

Sony just release a new camera!
A500 & A550 to replace A700!
Estimated price will be cheaper than other competitor and better image quality since it use the new Exmor Cmos Sensor!
Details here!

Another was the A850 which almost identical to A900 but only can go for 3 frame ps only. . .
Cheaper even than A900. . . The DSLR market will gone crazy as these few dudes make their entrance into the market!


2 Days back, me, Saix ,Steve, Yan Peng, Hui Hong, Julia and Thaw went to Balik Pulau again for shooting! But this going to feature Thaw and Julia 1st. . .Pai Seh yea Yan Peng. . .

Play the song and enjoy the series. . .












Hope you all like this series. . .

A little video after we have our meal and went home. . . Taken at a balik pulau outpost during our way home...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rainny Day

A few days ago. . . It was raining like cats and dogs. . . Take some time and snap some picture. . .
Water droplet. . .

1st time. . . Haha!

My mums plant. . .

Balcony grill. . .

I have din slept for 30hours. . .
I seriously need some sleep. . .

Workspace over night. . .

Currently hearing to Vitas while blogging. . .

Here I off to slept d! Later afternoon still got shooting! Wuhu!

Finally I have done it! Let's take one step at a time!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Classmate

My New clasmate + Old classmate! = Good picture!

Assignment is killing me. . I still got time to blog. . . Im geng!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Surfing in the youtube and founded a very lovely and nice lomography video picture slide!

Argh! I want go out shoot!

Friday, August 21, 2009


Today went to school to help Shan print assignment and done my presentation stuff at CyberLab.
After that, Yung Ping, Eddie, Wei Lin, OKQ and Hwa arrive to settle their assignment.

After that went to Swensen at QB for some snack! Haha!
Laughing all the way. . .

Its been a while since I capture their smiles. . . I always capture the foods. . . Haha!

Wei Lin Tuna Burger. . .(Kids Size)

Yung Ping Cheese Ham Burger (Kids Size) Haha!

Hwa Seafood Salad! Damn big bowl. . .

OKQ Half Chicken!

Mine Beef Patty Burger! Wakaka!

Eddie Chicken Mushroom Burger!

After finish off our main course. . .
We settle for Earth Quake!
Eat till damn full!

Here is some of the headshots of the day. . .

Julia and Thaw soon join us after that. . . Some miss info lead them to Gurney. . . Nevertheless. . . They are the sweetest couple in class now. . . Haha!

Probably when you both free should come out let me shots a photobook for u both! Haha!

We seems to eat alot but they having student offer! 30% off!

Next week will be tuition free week! No class! But have to spend my time studying and assignment assignment!