Saturday, January 30, 2010


What I can say about my life now is terrible!

Pocket burn because of spending too much! Spend alot in camera now!

My CPU spoil because my bro use until burn ki! Cant update my blog! My another little bro dun allow me to install picasa in his laptop! Aiks!

Everyday is hard work..... Im so pening!

Last week was the busiest! One day can be in 3 seperate states!
Morning at Alor Star
Afternoon back to Penang
Night goto KL work
Next day morning back to Penang again! Tired si wa!

Get my car tyre to service last week.
Now I'm using my SLK to work everywhere, so...speeding on highway is usual for me now and recently I found my stearing vibrate violently when I speeding on the highway.

After some checking by the foreman, the front rim of my car have slight bend so it shake violently when go on high speed...

Decision is to change all 4 rim! Omg! And 2 new tyre! Pocket burn again!

My SLK getting ready for new rim and tyre!

Got a cheap second hand almost new rim. Not going to change sport rim as it is waste of money as my dad and my bro don't care about it and soon it will fill with scratches! So no point invest money in sports rim now until I own my own car!

The next few day after I came back from KL its my mum dar to be service again! Janurday has been a service month for my family all 4 car go for service and total up to 2K!
Own a car is really not easy, it is like taking care of a child!
Car Service$$$
Tyre Service$$$


Some day in January we went to Old Town in Farlim

Steve with all the char bor

Yesterday, went to work at some MARA office at Jetty there.
Had a spetacular view of the jetty and the seas! Used my hp panaroma to capture the scenery!
Nice right?

Another one.

Yesterday went to Seow Yan house warming near komtar there..

I look funny inn this pic... mayb is my hair ba!?

Recently make some daring decision! Will blog about it soon once it is ready to be show to the world!

Here is some video taken during Steve birthday.

It was put under both of our camera when we taking our group pic...
And i was MIA (Missing In ACTION) cause camera not wide enough.. T_T

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Steve Birthday

Last Week, went to Tao at Autocity to have dinner with Stevie and gangs! It was his birthday!
Went there kinda late! Reach there around 8 something!

The waitress who serve us... Name Wendy.

The surrounding

Here come the foods! 1st up was
Mayo Abalone!

Cold plate - Sashimi! Yeow Fung eh favourite!

Butter fish! Damn nice!

Grilled mutton


Cheesy scallop!

Writing this post is making me hungry! AIks!

Take some water mark on the table. .

After we finish our dishes, there comes a loud noise singing Birthday song to our Mr Stevie!
What I can say is that Tao waiter really sing very loud!

Stevie pai seh until don't know what to do!

The most he can do is thanks everyone with his hands up! Haha!
Too bad I just keep taking picture but forget to record down some video of the singing process!

Had a group picture before we left.

Pose with Steve Sony A300, thanks Yan for capturing this for me.

Hope you guys enjoy looking at the food! Haha!

Had a busy week! I want to go for movie!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hatyai Last Post

After we left water market, we went to the lantern garden to visit!
The lantern display team came from all over the world to display their creation there.

Had another half group picture of the original big group, some of them went to shopping.

Another group picture with my family using wireless flash... It looks better than direct bounce flash.

Christmas season!

Family and me

My sis and cousin

After that, we went to hot hot show in the town! The "Ah Gua" Show!
They are guys.... Don't be fool! Haha!

They look as same level as those pretty girl we seen on television huh!

This is a little expose..

The funny one.... The big boobs is so funny@!

The finale... the most expose! Hiong a! Those who are underage please use dynamo wash eye and brain!

After that, we went to night market to shop and we ate fresh water prawn as supper!
The prawn tasted superb! Tender and juicy!

The sauce to go with.

Had Thai McD Coke as beverage... and some of the pork burger! Damn nice also!

After we go back to rest, finally had some time to take a pic of my room.
It is just a normal.. compare to what I live in Taiwan with the same cost! Haha!

They give every room free 2 bottle of water.

The next day, we went to the opposite of the hotel to get some breakfast!
Had chicken porridge as breakfast!

After that we sat "tuk tuk" to the early morning market to buy some dry stock.

Beside selling normal grocery goods, there are also alot of small stall selling clothes and shoes and accessories!

It looks like a warehouse...

After that, went to have lunch and off we back to Malaysia!

We stuck at the border line for 2 to 3 hours! Went down to get our passport check and ated some fried chicken! Another yum yum!

What next?

It is Stevie birthday!!!!!
Stay tune for it!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Water Market

After we drop our luggage at the hotel and get a quick bath, we rush to the hot event of the week! It was the water market which only open during weekends!
The market on land. . .

The market on water.

My mum, bro, aunt, and sis

They sell stuff from foods till souvenir

Quail Egg

We saw something interesting amongst all the boat which sells beverage using clay container!

Brought one Spiderman! Wee~! Fill with icy cold coconut water! WoO hOO! Refreshing!

Thai Salad? Tasted sourish and hot! Lots of chillies!

Otak Otak! It smells so good!

They pass stuff to you or return your change with this boom. . . Innovative huh!

Lastly ordered a beef noodle... Slruup~! Damn nice!
Yung Ping.... Don't say me " WHy you always like to eat beef again" again.... The reason is still the same... Haha!

Had group pictures before we left. . .

This one with me inside. . .

Their special snacks! Potato Chipppppppppppppppppppps! Why so long? Cause it is made out from a single piece of potato! They slice it continuously using a machine. . . Keat! It taste great too!

Next post!
Lantern garden and "hot hot" "Talent Show"!

Stay tune for it! Hatyai post going to end soon! Taiwan coming up after Hatyai!