Saturday, December 25, 2010

War Muzium and Seoul Garden

After having my final, the next day we went for outing and a final dinner before holidaying for 3 months!

We went to War Museum for an outing trip!
IMG_6612 copy
Me and Bee and Yung Ping and Her Bf clim out from that escape hatch! what climb from a bunker beneath the ground!

IMG_6613 copy
See how dark and deep is it!

IMG_6618 copy
I notice that I do have a lady hairy leg in this picture! LMAO!

IMG_6629 copy
Take a group picture in a improvise style. Put the camera on self timer on the camera in a slanting angle. *Klik Klak!* WALA! We got a senget picture! haha!

IMG_6635 copy
As Im always the cameraman... You seldom notice me inside the picture. Take those picture at the canon bay where they used to keep their canon pointed at the sea to counter attack from invasion.

IMG_6637 copy
Yung Ping and her entao Kat Kat!

IMG_6638 copy1
Me and pretty Bee! Haha!

IMG_6647 copy
Saw a swinging tyre around the watch tower. Had some photo session there too.

So of you may be asking WTH are we doing at the historical place? Taking picture! but some of the places we dare not to take picture as we fear we can capture tiok those "brothers"! Haha!
IMG_6654 copy
A tyre frame for them.

IMG_6656 copy1
And for us too!
IMG_6658 copy
Me acting silly on the swing. By the way. the swing is too high for anyone to play =.=

The we continue to camwhore outside the entrance.
IMG_6680 copy
I guess I ruin the picture? Hehe!

IMG_6681 copy
She likes to see me smile with me teeth. Here one! Give comment nice ornot?

IMG_6683 copy1
Shoot purely in B&W. Canon looks good in B&W. I still not so used to Canon color.

IMG_6689 copy1
Me acting silly again.

Since all of us wanted a gathering before having holiday break. I organize a dinner gathering to have a feast!

We went to Seoul Garden at Auto City to have our dinner!
IMG_6716 copy
We are the first to arrive so we makan first! Damn hungry already!

IMG_6724 copy
Got a lot of mussel that night!

Second to arrive was our master chef of that day! OKQ! and also Eddie who fetch OKQ!
IMG_6728 copy
and you can saw Bee shocking face when she saw OKQ butt! Muahaha!

Although Thaw live in Tambun which is just 10 min drive from Auto City but he was late for almost half an hour!
After that other follow soon.
IMG_6730 copy1
Had a group picture!

IMG_6732 copy
Another group picture with me inside.
We look happy in this picture! Still got one year an half before we graduate! Lets enjoy kaw kaw together!

Forget to add in that Sasha was not there! Haiz! You always put "Aeroplane" us la!

IMG_6734 copy
That night also got deer meat! A new experience!

IMG_6743 copy
The cha bor..

IMG_6750 copy
The cha borsss...

IMG_6754 copy
The BeeS

IMG_6757 copy
The Mingssss...

IMG_6762 copy
The ThawMingsss having some commotion going on... Haha!

Thats wrap up my rusty blog for now! I got tones of picture to blog but I do not have the energy and time to post it up! Will be a regular blogger soon once I school reopen!

Friday, November 26, 2010


Bokeh on my illuminated keyboard.
DSC_3504 copy

Shot a registration one of my friends sister.
IMG_6915 copy

This is the recent SDE (Same Day Edit) video that i posted to facebook months ago. Watch it in HD! Enjoy.

Im busy. Im headache.
More update soon.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

After Wedding

Final complete my final exam and got some time to update my overlate update!
Have confident on 3 subject but still doubt about my forth subject. Human Resource Management. >.

After my latest coverage on Bee elder brother wedding, on the day we go back. We head to one of Taiping famous restaurant to dine in! Mr. BBQ restaurant offer variety of chinese cuisine! Sipek delicious!
The restaurant just located somewhere nearby lake garden.
IMG_1970 copy
Base on the picture above, we ordered curry prawn in bread which tasted very nice!! Lots of big big juicy prawn inside the curry! Claypot Toufu. Stir Fry "Kang Kung" with smbal and red snapper cook with thai sauce! All taste sipek nice!
It cost us RM 80+ if I'm not wrong for 4 person. Not bad huh!

After that, went off to Taiping Memorial Park for the fallen one during World War II in Malaysia. Had some photo shoot going there with our "models".

Puan See and Puan Bee.
IMG_1977 copy
It is located somewhere near the foot hill of Bukit Larut.

IMG_1978 copy
This memorial park remind us about horror of war.

IMG_1979 copy
IMG_1982 copy
Yung Ping with the memorial plate.

IMG_1983 copy
IMG_1987 copy
They are so young only!

IMG_1988 copy
IMG_1992 copy
Miss See.

IMG_1993 copy
IMG_1996 copy1
Bee with a flower on her head. Looks cute!

IMG_1997 copy
IMG_2000 copy
Mr Steve. Official photographer of the wedding.

IMG_2001 copy
Bee cannot be separated from flower attraction.

IMG_2003 copy
The centre space.

IMG_2007 copy
Photographer always takes to the extreme to ensure they got the shot!

IMG_2011 copy
May them rest in peace!

IMG_2029 copy
A women with tattoo is always mysterious sexy. lol!

IMG_2030 copy
IMG_2036 copy
The blogger with a weird facial expression

IMG_2048 copy
Snap Snap Snap!

IMG_2056 copy
Showing off at the wrong place!

IMG_6431 copy
The famous Taiping bending towards lake trees!

IMG_6432 copy
IMG_6436 copy
Steve with a 70-200 and in casual wear.

IMG_6440 copy
Jumping shot! I put it in a wrong size! so just bear with it yea! haha!
IMG_6443 copy
IMG_6453 copy
The lake itself. green and peaceful!

IMG_6455 copy
Steve and Them

IMG_6463 copy
Bee posing and Steve shooting her butt? Haha!

IMG_6469 copy
Yung ping with a cool glasses. Look fierce huh?! Haha!

Gonna post more soon.