Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jelutong Shooting Part-2

Hi Genting I'm here!
I think I'm currently at arena watching their dance competition and taking lot and lots of picture liao!
Come back to the pictures....

Using the frequency flash again....All I can say is that all still in experimental mode and kinda need more brush up!

Manage to shoot this shadow of us in the low light....Kinda blur abit! Soli!

After that was the night view at Jelutong Beach!

Do some picture painting there but there was light shine on me so you will see me in the background!

After that was supper time! But didn't manage to go to eat since every1 was tired and was time to ZZZZ!

Have a siao 1 day shooting on the streets!
About the streets shoot in the few previous post back. I was still at the processing stage! Will complete it after my trip back from Genting!
Stay tune for more!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Jelutong Beach!

Let continue about photo shoot at Jelutong Beach!
Jelutong Beach was located near the overhead bridge that got artificial bird as decoration.

Bboy join us that day because he just finish he work at Gurney.

1st destination was supposedly jetty but they say at night there got people guard cannot go to take pictures so we change to Jelutong Beach! OMG! Drive a big round only say there cannot take pictures! Omg!

Bboy and Siax

Accidentally change to P Mode and the shutter was so slow and this was the result.
Saix is power up! Dragon Ball version 2! Haha!

Capture this 1 when she was peacing with me...Haha!

Bboy on the road block

For this picture I used the Frequency flash which flash 10times in 1 second!
Thus creating a image with many of his hand!

Can you all guess who is this person? Running towards me!

Currently I'm suppose on board the bus on the way going to Genting! Genting! Here I come!
Stay tune for more!

By the way this is a pre-program post so you all can check out my blog while I at Genting till Sunday only will be back! Anything sms me!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Currently listening to Poker Face - Lady Gaga
Damn siao this song and hear for 10 times in a row.... Bursting my ear drum out!

Konsurtium or Aeroline?
Which 1 better?

Streets 2

Last Saturday and Sunday having streets photo shoot again! Steve.... You really "Run Fire" liao la... Got flash tio going crazy! Lol!

Here is some picture of that day,

During Sunday, Steve come again and we all go to Jelutong beach time! It was my first time there and the scene was very nice! Good for evening landscape and night landscape shoot!

More photo soon! Quite busy recently! Will be posting more soon! Friday going to Genting till Sunday only will be back! But still i will do some post in advance you all to view!

So, stay tune for more!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Photo Book

Last Saturday Steve suddenly call me out to Bayan Baru Mcd to keng something! Mana tau he call me out to sia me buy even more! OMG!
He mounted his camera with the battery vertical grip! OMG! I'm going crazy!

Geng leh?

OMG! Don't know when can I have a full set? The flash and 50mm is I add in into it eh! Lol!

See liao feel very pro leh? Haha! Whatever la... Currently broke liao.... Save for next year la if I can tahan not to buy! Haha!

A few weeks back help Saix to do some photo shoot! Now is the result time! Finally I got the patient to sit in front of the PC and ban ban edit!








Nice or not? Give me some comment!
Thanks Saix and Ben Joon for sending me the CS4! Morekeat eh photoshop! Better picture!

Please note: 1) Above picture has not been edited but just some cropping only!
2) All shoot using 50mm Lense!

Stay tune for more!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Morning Gurney!

Yesterday morning after I drop my bro at school for his activity, I went to Gurney there to take pic!It was around 8 something and the lighting was just nice!

After that goto Coffee Bean cari Saix to minum KOPI! Sambil wait for Steve to arrive! He was still brushing his teeth when I reach Gurney.... =.="

My all time favourite Kopi!

Saix you skill improve alot since the previous visit! Haha! Keep up the good work!

That day only 2 people working only so Saix sipek busy.

At night, we have a photo shoot again at nearby Jetty! This to redeem ouself after the previous photoshoot does not turn out as we wanted as my flash was having malfunction during the previous photo shoot.
Some picture to view 1st.... Kinda lazy to edit! OMG!

Stay tune for more! ^_^

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gears update!

After for some times it is time to update my gears that I added in recently! Yeah! Smile on my face!

Last week, went to Steve currently working eh shop! KY Digital! Inside Gurney same floor with the Sony Centre!
I was able to test the A700! OMG! The colour and the sharpness was superb man! I feels it kinda "Sexy"! Haha! Camera addiction syndrome!

Below picture are taken using A700 with 50mm lens.

I wanted to buy this type of battery and charger but the shop Tauke did not recommended it because it was unstable.... I guess I have to stick with Energizer which have to charge for a long long time only can full eh... OMG!

My current camera! The sharpness from 50mm very nice right? other which was not focus was totally blur!

After that we go to A&W to have dinner! That time was already 9something! I and Saix waited for him till wanna die liao! Haha! That day I brought my replacement flash for the spoiled 58 cobra flash!

The newest flash in Sony, the Quick-Shift Bounce flash also able to take even closer subject using it flash which the flash power was control till very precise!

Behold! The recently update gears!

I got myself a 50mm lens, a polarizor, a new flash!

Polarizor filter have many function! It cut reflection, reduce the amount of light coming in for better colour when shooting during noon, and enable us to shoot through window without any reflection of our self or other stuff appearing on the glass!

Replacement for the previous 58 which fall into the water and repair will cost me the same price as the new one!

Another pride collection was the F1.4 50mm Prime Lens!

This lenses was very good lens to collect because the sharpness and focusing and the low aperture made this lens unbeatable even lenses which cost RM5000++ also cannot get the quality as good as 50mm! Trust me! when you use it you will fall in love with it!
Good for portrait and close up shoot!

See the hole in the middle on the lens? The low aperture will have a bigger iris which give more light to the camera and allow quicker shutter speed during low light!

This was the sample shoot when I 1st brought the 50mm!

Damn sharp right?

Another update was the tripod stand! DIGI Eye TR6000!

This tripod is the spoiled tripod and it was totally disaster when I try to use it!
I brought a new tripod for a few good reason:

It provide carrying grip for easy transport, sturdy body, much higher!

A hook below the main body is to allow us to hang our bags and increase stability when shooting outdoor where it is windy!

The toe of the tripos which can handle any uneven terrain which was useful when shooting outdoor landscape where a level ground was unavailable.

It also come with a bag which got a outer strap on it allow for easy transport!

The old1 cost RM30 something and the new 1 cost RM80!
Plus the new 1 got guarantee eh leh! Dun siao siao! It was a good investment!

So have you plan to increase you inventory for camera accessories? It was worth to invest!

Stay tune for more! Tonight any1 going to New World Park? There will be DANZITY performance there! See you there!