Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jelutong Shooting Part-2

Hi Genting I'm here!
I think I'm currently at arena watching their dance competition and taking lot and lots of picture liao!
Come back to the pictures....

Using the frequency flash again....All I can say is that all still in experimental mode and kinda need more brush up!

Manage to shoot this shadow of us in the low light....Kinda blur abit! Soli!

After that was the night view at Jelutong Beach!

Do some picture painting there but there was light shine on me so you will see me in the background!

After that was supper time! But didn't manage to go to eat since every1 was tired and was time to ZZZZ!

Have a siao 1 day shooting on the streets!
About the streets shoot in the few previous post back. I was still at the processing stage! Will complete it after my trip back from Genting!
Stay tune for more!