Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My working days

Have any 1 wonder what I work and what I do when i always say i "Busy help my mum with container"?
Haha...ans now....

The arriving container
From all this wood
Sorting and packing table Into this
And this
Then is walla!
Let you all guess how many package will this container hold?
Only this shipment already weight 25 Tan! The tow truck barely can tow it easily.

This was the truck docking in....It took a while thoughtThe Truck is moving away!

Another view of my dad rear workshop

The myanmars worker resting for their lunch

For more info about my dad company, got this link www.simfur.com for more info. =)


Now at office waiting for my aunt or my mum to take me to lunch. Just read her message. She don't who I am,good. At least she doesn't need to remember who I am.
I wish her happy birthday. At least the wish were not ignored...haha.....

Recall back when we have ups and down on our relationship. We were happy at 1st, but problem start to appear as we move along. Mainly is my problem. We have good memory back there.

Hope that she will be happier.
Happy Birthday Moy!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

26/04/2008 Preparation at Mt. Mariam Hospital

Our company was invited to help out the charity food and fun fair at Mt Mariam Hospital. We were the preparation team. We help out setting up all the stall and distribute gas and plastic plate and cup and many more.
Was preparing to setting up the stall no.
Future NCO working hard =)
They 2
Richard helping out our "BOSS"
Mighty Richard!
Having lunch after that. We have fried rice and fried chicken.

Going back about 3p, and goto sunrise for something to bite and send 1 member home enar my house.

No Suitable Title

Looking through my camera and saw this few pic in the camera internal memory.

Hew...dun misunderstand...i think is jia xiong take eh....doing the pic video during day 0 at brothers bangalow

Annual Boot Camp

Tribute to all ABC committee. THX. EXCELLENT jOB!

Nice pic
Mr Goh V.S Lady Teoh

The video below show how tired we are and fang qi stimming.Haha

Video Pic to remember

Pattaya - Bangkok Day 4

On the 4th day, we leave pattaya at morning and head back to Bangkok for the next day flight to Chiang Mai.

On our way back we stop at Dream World which kinda like DisneyLand but was little bit cacat eh...haha....

Inside Dream World

In front of the gate with our 2tour guide
Dream World mega clock (It Really function eh)
Inside the giant house
Nice to have a bath in the hot day
Hurricane here we comeFunny facesI still look like a child. =)Why you leave me?
What I impress with myself is that i still manage to hold on to the camera while riding the pirate ship, take their frighting face screaming away. Haha....Satisfied with the result.

Pirate ship.I need some1 to accompany

After that we stuck in the Bangkok highway for 3 hour before we reach to our hotel, my sis and my aunt fren was very worry that the mall (Central World Plaza) will close before they can goto shopping. Their main target was the Naraya Bags. My sis brought i think more than 5 bags at just Naraya. They buy some at Dream World, Central Plaza, later some where in Chiang Mai near our hotel.

So when we reach the hotel, they walk to the mall and my aunt and I go for checking. Stay in the same room like the 1st day we reach Bangkok. Feel weird weird. Haha....After that we walk fast fast to the mall. After that we visit another mall which is beside the Central Plaza only. I wonder the competition between mall won't be too stressful meh? Hmm....After that take a taxi to a night market...cost us 100 Bhat. Unfortunately the market was starting to close and we decided to take a tuk tuk back to hotel. 4 ppl fit into a 2 seated tuk tuk. Unbelieveable. Laughing all the way back. Haha...cause ppl was looking at us witha weird face.

taken by the hotel security

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dam Hiking 2008

On the day before yesterday 20/4/2008, EPCOM & FOPCOM organised a Annual Dam Hiking...
Wake up at 8 on that morning just to pass the cloth for Jia Hui to pass to MH...mana tau?! He didn't pass to MH and Im force drive up there to take the cloth from him at HQ and take it to MH house..walau! Even i rush till forget about my wan tan mee at home! Argh!!!!
After that, goto buy my new sports shoes! Haha....Power....Cost me RM50 Which was a reasonablece price la....haha....

After that rush back to HQ again cause they are calling for mayday! SHHS arrive very early and nothing is prepare for them to see or do. Luckily we prepare ABC picture video for them to enjoy...almost can tahan half and hour only....after that chaos~~~~

Accidentally took tio eh...ps Sophia

What are they doing?
SEMAI boys
Chaos during registration at the counter and distributing the No. Tag...I really speechless that time....
After that off we goto the starting point and poof! Every1 was running and some were just walking....ban ban lai...haha...enjoy the scenery... The van forget about mt and Eric and we run up to the end...walau...no chance to take more picture...i old liao..bit slow so call eric run up 1st.
Then on my way up, calling yida to fetch me but he was looking after Nidel...What?Nidel is down? Haha...little unbelievable....Cause just now at HQ time still can laugh and jump
Jiayong and Lihong come to the rescue
Yes! Finally we reach!Semai Boys again =)

This quite a nice pic (featuring FK)

Ah The sir with his son

What they pointting?

The winning platoon

still got time to ban yeng

The officers, BK Sir is the advisor of Dam Hiking

Every1 is resting

After every1 have reach, we start the prize giving ceremony and chuan wei were making the cowrd sheer up...chin heng was too funny with the towel on his head!

Fall in can do this eh meh?

Large group pic! Chik Chak!

Maggi mee hot up in all hands!

All grab Bk Sir

Nice pic

Xiao Khai, yao tong, khai liang n me singing all the way down..singing Aska Yang eh songs...siao eh us...

During our way down, Ah loong Sir drive van to fetch us down. Get down and accompany the last batch of member back to HQ at Kek Lok Si there. Luckily didn't rain this year. Buy 3 packet of soya milk oso finish in HQ by them...walau....haha...jkjk...some is i give eh....some is other ppl order eh...=)

About this year Dam Hiking is was quite good plan...but sometimes not everything goes as we plan...but good effort! As this year dam hiking was the most special....got towel....hot cup!haha...

Dare To Be Different and You Will Shine!

For more Picture....i bring my pendrive to let you all copy...about 285mb only all the pic onmy side...still got eric cam which i still din copy yet.

Raining now 1.30AM