Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My working days

Have any 1 wonder what I work and what I do when i always say i "Busy help my mum with container"?
Haha...ans now....

The arriving container
From all this wood
Sorting and packing table Into this
And this
Then is walla!
Let you all guess how many package will this container hold?
Only this shipment already weight 25 Tan! The tow truck barely can tow it easily.

This was the truck docking in....It took a while thoughtThe Truck is moving away!

Another view of my dad rear workshop

The myanmars worker resting for their lunch

For more info about my dad company, got this link www.simfur.com for more info. =)


Chia Choon 家存 said...

so, in future, if your dad needs lawyer, please find me ya...hahaha