Wednesday, December 31, 2008

IDance Campaign FINAL @ QB

Last Saturday went to QB to help Danzity to take IDance Competition picture and here is all the picture before the changing to year 2009!

All was fast editing, was too lazy to process so many picture ler everytime I was depending on Picasa to complete my job. Photoshop was quite how to say..... If is a few picture then it's okay la... Phew! Happy New Year Everyone!

Come back and check out 2008 Rewind for another few days when I manage to complete everything by this few day!

Thanks for all the support and viewing of my blog!

Thank You!

Monday, December 29, 2008

IDance Campaign At NWP

Still remember about IDance Campaign a few post back? Let's continue what I did not upload finish.
Still alot of IDance event that I attended but did not have the time to upload! Pai Seh yea for those who are waiting for their picture!

One of the judge

Know a new friend which is JJ! Which is from TARC and is also a photoghaper! An Canon EOS User! Hrrm! The more the "KAKI" the better! haha! Yida introduce him to me eh!

Group Picture

Yida & BBoy aka Ah Beh & SLim Hang

Group picture of all the team

Attention! Dancer on television interview!
The message that Street Dance dancer what to tell the society and the world
Dancers: " Street dance started with bad impression but we want to make a different statement about it!"
Dancers:" We DO NOT smoke! No DRUGS!"
and At last I would like to add some conclusion to it, street dance is not bad as you think! It is not a crime to be a street dance dancer!

All Hail to Street Dance! ^_^

IDance campaign would never be much more better without the help from BGGM!
Group picture of IDance Crew and BGGM Crew.

Flow Flava with one of the judger

Flow Flava Crew

Chuan Wei with Takeshi is I'm not mistaken. He is from JAPAN man! I am Japan! Haha!
Suddenly think of the liric from Tokyo Drift song. He is also one of the judges.

Meet tio Adrian there and helped him take a group picture with Ah Beh.

Nidel or aka siao poh haha! with Takeshi.

Hereby I would like to end my post about IDance Campaign at New World Park.
Stay tune for Queensbay IDance Final & IDace Campaign Result Day at New World Park!

Damn tired after whole day working non-stop like a machine! 2 weeks work! 3 month study and TADA! My Foundation Course will end and I will having 3months of working again! before Start my degree at July! Wuwuwu!

Did not much edit and put watermarks to some of the picture due to lazyness and enable others to grab those picture if they are unable to approach me personally for the picture. To those who wanted all the picture please give me your pendrive and better to be at least 4Gb to ensure the whole campaign picture will fit into it! Thanks!

Stay tune for more!
Good Night!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Doraemon at QB

Last Thursday at 25th of December Christmas Day I hang out with Yida at QB and we saw the last show of Doraemon at QB qhich was quite a eye opening that now even cartoon character has look more realistic in costume. Have some picture taken and a few Yida dance member also perform inside the story plot acted as people from different country.




The backstage.....

After that we went basement for lunch and snaped some unusual stuff!
I think they just play play only gua....haha!

I was too hungry to take and Yida just take his picture of the meal he ordered.

I had a Quater Chicken it taste nice like Kenny Rodgers.

My PC was overload with thousand of picture to be filter and to be processes. @_@
Was working everyday and pai seh for all the last posting!
BTW Thank Han for fetching me back today!
Stay Tune for more!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sony Alpha Flash Workshop

Last Sunday went to Berjaya Hotel to attend the Sony Alpha Flash Workshop to enchance my skill more on flash.
After all the trick and tips we learn, it is time to have a PHOTOSHOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On the road side and another at the swimming pool in Berjaya Hotel.

I make some of the picture HDR so it looks kinda different... And after all the shoot, every1 of us submit 1 of best picture to enter contest.
Guess what, I get second!!!! Wuahaha!!!
But just get a stupid bag and a very very useful camera tips and tricks book from Sony.
Did not espect will get second out of so many Alphanatic.
This is my winning picture!

The picture below is taken by pro trainner using A700.

Another good news! I get full straight As in my final exam not including the LANs subject aka "Moral" which I get B+

Now damn boring at home, stay home during Christmas and my family member just sit there watch magazine and TV and my mum now doing her paperwork! =.="!

Planning tomorrow goto some where else to take picture since many people during tomorrow morning should be still sleeping after tonight celebration. Hehe!

Merry Christmas every1!
Do enjoy your day and I off to play CS now.....

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last Saturday went to New World Park to help them snap some picture of their dance competition. Sorry I was late! When I arrive the competition were already at the 7 teams! OMG!

They are having their Final competition at Qb this Saturday night! Do go give support for IDance campaign! See you all there!
Was sick this few days, keep coughing non-stop! I think I get Bird Flu ler! Haha! More post to come....Lazy edit~~~~@_@...