Sunday, December 21, 2008

DANZITY in Pesta

Last saturday went to Pesta Penang to help DANZITY to take picture of their performance as the opening of IDANCE Campaign which fully supported by the Youth Ministry and the Government.

Yesterday at 2am I brought my sis to 24Hour Clinic at Jalan Mahsuri there and when we wanted to left the place we saw that the round about is full of Matt Rempit racing through the whole round about. After that when we are on our way home, around 3am passing PISA stadium and the next traffic light was full with Matt Rempit! all ways to Bayan Baru and Sungai Ara was blocked with up to 200++ motorcycle mostly Malay and I have to make a detour back to Relau only can safely went home.
The saturday midnight is full with danger on the road! So to those who goto clubbing till late night or what event what so ever please try to reach home early and if possible don't go home ALONE! Those matt rempit may want some "snack" to bite with!

Still got more to come. Today just finish went to Sony Alpha Flash Workshop at Berjaya Hotel. Learn alot and also win something! Haha! Stay tune for the next post!