Sunday, December 28, 2008

Doraemon at QB

Last Thursday at 25th of December Christmas Day I hang out with Yida at QB and we saw the last show of Doraemon at QB qhich was quite a eye opening that now even cartoon character has look more realistic in costume. Have some picture taken and a few Yida dance member also perform inside the story plot acted as people from different country.




The backstage.....

After that we went basement for lunch and snaped some unusual stuff!
I think they just play play only gua....haha!

I was too hungry to take and Yida just take his picture of the meal he ordered.

I had a Quater Chicken it taste nice like Kenny Rodgers.

My PC was overload with thousand of picture to be filter and to be processes. @_@
Was working everyday and pai seh for all the last posting!
BTW Thank Han for fetching me back today!
Stay Tune for more!


Vlad Catuna said...

hi hi there my friend ..remember me ?