Thursday, April 30, 2009

Clement + Batu Ferringhi

Sorry for didn't update my blog for 2 days. . . Was damn busy and time does not allow me to even have time to blogging! The time table was shifting every time! Suddenly this suddenly that!


Okay. . . Back to the talking. . .
After last week visiting Clement Dad restaurant and help him to detail his dad restaurant, this Monday, me, Thaw, Julia and Eddie went to meet up with Clement to have some farewell before he left Penang. . .

Sailing on the sunset. . .

I like this photo because it got some flare on the left there and the tone was just right! Haha!

Romantic walk? Haha!

Gays  on the beach? Haha!

Our men of the day! Clement!

The brothers! Haha! Will have more post about it! Hopefully I can manage to post la since today till Sunday I will be working at fair at Gurney selling the brand new Sony HX1 Semi-pro Camera!

Come and visit me! 
C you all later!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Another randomness

Hi! Was busy yesterday and did not manage to update my blog because was at the Han Jiang SONY Warehouse Stock clearance! 
I manage to sell 6 to 7 A300 Twin lens! Big thumbs up for myself! Actually I kinda enjoy when sharing DSLR function and benefit with them!

I'm Lovin It! Haha! Don't worry mum I won't change course!
My mum was worry that I will change to photography course rather than continue in business studies. . . Haha!

The photo are in Steve camera so will update about the stock clearance in a few days time!

Let's continue on our randomness
Mushroom Soup in Chopper Board Gurney after teman Hwa lodge Police Report after the accident in front of INTI

Dunno what sauce chicken liao.. Haha!

Thanks Steve for lending me the car to drop Shan and YungPing back to Inti.

A week before final me and Steve visit Click and Snap shop and the owner teach us how to do macro with my 50mm! Woot! Here is some sample from 50mm.

Grace Lumix camera

I can make the Lumix even bigger. . . No editing or crop is done.

The detail in front of the lens looks big also! Haha!

Last Wednesday, me and Steve went to Coffee Bean cari Saix and had some drink look what she write on our cup!
Leng Lui Saix? Haha!
Btw, the Hazelnut taste great! Another favourite drink!

Last Thursday, Me and Saix went to Magic 1 to detail the restaurant! Lol! Steve was busy with other stuff. 

Tips for the day!
Bring your tripod if got shooting at night!
Extra weight sometimes come in handy to get a great picture!
Spend a little time to set up the tripod and you will get quality picture over long exposure!

Because Saix was lazy to use tripod and she shooting long expo using free hand! Geng a you! Haha!

Still rushing for the Magic 1 Detailing and will come up with a post about it soon!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Today going to do something different by finding out those picture that random snapped that I never post before. . .

Check out the new studio at New World Park and do some bokeh on the night lights. . .

Own a new hamster again. . . Sparky his name. . .

Ah Thaw favourite drink. . . Tea! Haha!

Shamin and Cheng Yen always got a post like this. . . Lol! Taken during account class

Attended Yida road show and join his aerobic class! Damn pai seh as many people were watching! Lol!


The team . . .

Shot below using 50mm f/1.4
My old video cam. . . 1st Generation of HardDisk Camcorder from JVC. . . All I can say is that this camcorder "Cannot swim". . . Very ma huan file type and not so responsive handling during dim light or dark condition. . .

Sony better. . . Haha!

Get myself a blower for RM20. . . To blow dust away rather using my mouth. . . Saliva all! Haha!

Some candid shot by Steve on the 1st day I knew Hui San at Gurney. . .

Saix laughing till need to use hand to stop her food come out from her mouth. . .

Soya. . . 
Future HS bf? HAHA! Just kidding only la!

Steve. . .

More tomorrow!
I was inspired by many photographer blog!
Plan to do some special photo shoot soon. . . 
Any1 volunteer?

The only Criteria. . .
Own a car or have a modified or hot car!
Gender are no limit! Haha!

Going to post some sample shot about the photo shoot soon. . .To let you all have a basic idea how it going to work. . .

Thanks for viewing!

Friday, April 24, 2009


A week back Me and Steve travel up North in the early morning to attend Saix Baptist ceremony!
Luckily we manage to arrive in time since we both kinda late wake up!
The photographer - Steve

Saix being baptist

Shooting this children watching at the seas.

A group shot of them all.

After that went to Gurney to chill out at Coffee Beans
We get our new Digital Camera Magazine! Yeah!

After a while Steve fall asleep!

After that, afternoon session was Steve session to be baptist!
The garden at the centre

Guys playing football

Jonathan with another 2 friend drinking Teh "O" Ice! Haha!

A group shot before they went into the water.

Steve + Sean + Grace

Sexy can? Haha!

Lovely couple

Steve turn. . .

People shoot face I shoot backside!

Ah Saix Ah Saix your not Bboy la. . . Lol!

Walau eh so big lens!

Reaction after getting a good shot:
Do all the setting and brace for snapping!

Check the result

A peace sign you have done a great job! Haha!

A peaceful weather for shooting. . . 

Just view a talented Photographer blog. . . Her name is Jenny Sun. . .
I guess I have to photoshop my photo more often as I'm lazy to photoshop pictures unless it was assignment shooting! Haha!

I'm currently working as a photographer as my part time job and another part time as my parent factory "Multipurpose" Worker. . . Apa pun buat!

Currently offering photography package for a broad range of session.

For more info you can contact me by