Thursday, April 30, 2009

Clement + Batu Ferringhi

Sorry for didn't update my blog for 2 days. . . Was damn busy and time does not allow me to even have time to blogging! The time table was shifting every time! Suddenly this suddenly that!


Okay. . . Back to the talking. . .
After last week visiting Clement Dad restaurant and help him to detail his dad restaurant, this Monday, me, Thaw, Julia and Eddie went to meet up with Clement to have some farewell before he left Penang. . .

Sailing on the sunset. . .

I like this photo because it got some flare on the left there and the tone was just right! Haha!

Romantic walk? Haha!

Gays  on the beach? Haha!

Our men of the day! Clement!

The brothers! Haha! Will have more post about it! Hopefully I can manage to post la since today till Sunday I will be working at fair at Gurney selling the brand new Sony HX1 Semi-pro Camera!

Come and visit me! 
C you all later!