Monday, April 27, 2009

Another randomness

Hi! Was busy yesterday and did not manage to update my blog because was at the Han Jiang SONY Warehouse Stock clearance! 
I manage to sell 6 to 7 A300 Twin lens! Big thumbs up for myself! Actually I kinda enjoy when sharing DSLR function and benefit with them!

I'm Lovin It! Haha! Don't worry mum I won't change course!
My mum was worry that I will change to photography course rather than continue in business studies. . . Haha!

The photo are in Steve camera so will update about the stock clearance in a few days time!

Let's continue on our randomness
Mushroom Soup in Chopper Board Gurney after teman Hwa lodge Police Report after the accident in front of INTI

Dunno what sauce chicken liao.. Haha!

Thanks Steve for lending me the car to drop Shan and YungPing back to Inti.

A week before final me and Steve visit Click and Snap shop and the owner teach us how to do macro with my 50mm! Woot! Here is some sample from 50mm.

Grace Lumix camera

I can make the Lumix even bigger. . . No editing or crop is done.

The detail in front of the lens looks big also! Haha!

Last Wednesday, me and Steve went to Coffee Bean cari Saix and had some drink look what she write on our cup!
Leng Lui Saix? Haha!
Btw, the Hazelnut taste great! Another favourite drink!

Last Thursday, Me and Saix went to Magic 1 to detail the restaurant! Lol! Steve was busy with other stuff. 

Tips for the day!
Bring your tripod if got shooting at night!
Extra weight sometimes come in handy to get a great picture!
Spend a little time to set up the tripod and you will get quality picture over long exposure!

Because Saix was lazy to use tripod and she shooting long expo using free hand! Geng a you! Haha!

Still rushing for the Magic 1 Detailing and will come up with a post about it soon!