Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Finally have some time to write blog! After today Statistic exam, I'm only left with English which going to happen tomorrow and Economic on Friday! 3more days before working in PC Fair! ! And 2 more day before go to Thaw house have BBQ again! Wee ~! ~! ~!

Last Wednesday Me, Steve, Saix and HuiSan suddenly got an idea and went to snap a few picture of the sunrise at Paradise! !
Yea! We all damn passion about photography! Wee~ ! ~ ! ~ !
Although got 2 is compact camera! Lol! But soon I think they going to change to DSLR? Haha!

I love the golden hour of the day! Know why?
Because the sky is damn blue! Haha!

Another was the red cloud as the sun is rising HOT!

Foot step left by people. . .

Crown Prince Hotel in the shadow. . .

The peak in Golden Hour! Most cantik liao la! Haha! I wonder if Clement everyday wake up early got so nice eh sunrise to view. . . How nice! Thumbs up! 

After start a little portrait session with them after the sun fully rise up! Haha!
HuiSan enjoying the breeze. . .

Plan how to take jump shot

The mysterious guy on that day was Steve! The MuayCam Thai cameraman! Haha!
He surely can kick while taking pic! Thumbs Up!

Saix! Saix! When change A300?!

Before we leave. . . Everyone who went to beach surely do some jump! Haha! Including us! Have some teenager feel ma! Haha! Don't vomit!
Ignore those funny post of us! Haha! Eh! You all! Don't say my butt big la! Damn pai seh nia la!

After that. . . Ka boom! All went up into the air except Steve. . . Looks like falling? Haha!

After that we went to have breakfast at Belisa Row there. . . Drop Saix to work at Coffee Bean and drop HuiSan to her friend house before me and steve balik rumah tidur!

That's all folks!
More tomorrow!
Wee!!! I finally finish client design today! Another stress drop! Left exam! Haha!