Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spice Garden

Last Monday, Me, Saix, Steve and KSP went to Spice Garden to take some picture as Me, Steve and Saix that day nothing to do. . . Sun Bian ajak KSP out for some shooting! Wee~!~!

Nice Garden can!
Haha! It is worth for visit. . . Very nice inside but the only things that kept us running for our time is the mosquito! Kena till everyone also want to fast fast shoot then go out! Lol! More picture to be continue!

This is the video that I edited when I VS Thaw in paintball. . . Sorry. . . No group action inside because our people just ngam ngam and no people holding camera during game. . .
Credit to Leong for taking down the video. . . Thx!

More soon!
3 more days to final!
After a week! I'm free! Lol!