Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another Sat. . .

Yesterday. . . brought my grandparent to Korean BBQ makan! Mana tau it was full house! Damn Hiong la! 2 Storey restaurant will also full?

In the end we end up in Cuisine Wish? A Thai food restaurant. . . Just beside i-Avenue JPJ. . .
Start from the left: My grandpa (RAWR!!!), mro bro and my grandma

From the left: my little bro. the waiter, my mum and my dad!

No picture. . . As the elder don't like ppl do other stuff when eating. . . no food picture taken! The food was nice! Our class use to come here and eat last time. . . In new sem will we have time to goto makan together again? Haha!

Taken this light trail when dropping my grandma back home. . .
People take whole road also light trail. . . I take the red light? Haha!

Another exciting stuff is that. . .
I finally got my  no "P" license! Wee~!~!~!~!

RM30 bucks for 1 year. . . RM 150 for 5 years. . 
So swt. . .

We every time pay road tax and income tax leh. . . Still need to charge? Swt. . .

Friday, May 29, 2009

KS Crap

Yo yo~~~

Now at factory working. . . Drop my flash to repair this morning. . Omg. . Hope the repair cost won't be very gai la. . . Aiks!

Today is my last day for P license! I'm now going out to get my self a adult license! Haha!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bboy Battle

Today went to NWP to view Bboy battle of the month by Danzity. . . Feat Judge from KL, Joel, Zac and Judge from Japan, Katsu!

I'm stimming. . . post 1 pic 1st. . .

Zac with Katsu. .


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Break out! + the "F" word

Just now went to Dewan Sri Pinang to watch "Break out" Korean Dance Comedy brought to us by Korea Sparkling and Penang Tourism and LG. . 

This is the best theater show that I ever attended! It was full with crazy move and damn funny acting by the Bboy!

Today encounter a very confusing confrontation. . . After the opening dance complete. . . A guy come to me and I very polite ask him what can I help you then he reply. . ." Hey You. . . You f*cking LCD damn f*cking irritating!" then he walk away to a seat 2 row behind me. . . I guess he was a in his 20s or 30s beside him got a women. . .gf or wive. . . Damn this guy is brainless!

Whats wrong with Penang guys? If I really irritate you with my LCD on just tell me nicely and I will shift the LCD screen down or what la. . .

Don't come and F here and F there. . . Not like I keep do it even though you say so. . . 

What happen to the people? is that F*CK so nice? Why don't you all call your friend F*CK instead of Hi? 

People! Grow up! Everyday just curse here and there. . . What make you even a better person to say so or to judge people? Especially those who already marry! Even worst! Teach your kid how to curse. . . Just like teaching your kids to go and long piak! Go and do all the cursing and get in trouble or be the head of bullies!

God bless them!
I'm speechless. . .

Continue with my post. . .

The picture of the surrounding. . . Did not take much picture. . . In front of me got a Canon. . . Beside got a Nikon with Hot Girls around them. . . I'm surrounded! I more focus on my
video cam more than DSLR this time. . .  Plus I did not have the 70-200mm f/2.8 lens which allow me to zoom in much more loser and better shutter speed in dim light. . . Because we cannot use flash. . .
All pictures using ISO 3200 to shoot. . . The noise is acceptable but all are too far. . . Down. . .

My video cam damn beh yong la. . . I guess need to change 1 in the future. . . Sony got 1 damn nice. . . Mine JVC HardDisk Camcorder damn beh yong in low light plus quality not good enough! Guess what it was the 1st generation of HDD camcorder. . . When I brought it for PESTA KL for the National Drill Competition. . .

Some sneak peak of the show. . . Movie will publish it ASAP if I got time to post it. . .

Does anyone feel familiar with the "f*ck la, f*ck la" it reminds me of someone. . .

This post does not pointing my friends which using the "F" word. . . Just that after today incident. . . I really damn pantang F*CK word. . .

All my close friend do know that I damn pantang all the "rude" words. . .

Not showing off I am sacred!
I just don't like it plus it I really cannot tahan about something. . . I just say "Leh Leh" No matter is good or bad. . . Just leh leh. . . Not expressing any positive or negative message. . . 

The leh leh just express my cannot tahan eh feeling only. . . Haha!

My friend. . . Don't always cursing around. . . It is not good. . .

A video for the day. . . Tomorrow working again. . . Tomorrow night Bboy Battle in NWP! Katsu is there! See you all there!

Saix! A uncle beside me using the same coolpix as yours 1 to take pic la! How coincidence!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm so down!

Today went to Gurney and guess what? I am late for the Korean Dance Comedy! Damn down! Down!
Down! Down! Down!

Goto makan with them and goto Studio. . .

Long time didn't see them already. . .  Aiks. . .
Bboy Develle

Spritez & Jon

KSP the 1000D! Haha!

Since when you turn to p~~ p~~!?! Haha!

Today afternoon went out to client house to detail their furniture as we already complete our job there and wish to get some picture from the complete product!

Damn! How wish I have wide angle lens! Everytime I shoot in a close space a. . . The lens just not wide enough to fit all inside! Aiks! Miss alot of good shot!
Remember to come to our booth on 24th of July at PISA! Simfur Design Sdn Bhd!

Found some picture that I didn't post. . .
This is for you Saix!

Tomorrow is another busy day! Aiks!

I get a Number seat for tomorrow show. . . Any 1 going? I just get 1 ticket. . . No people teman. . . Sien~~~

Monday, May 25, 2009

Msn cannot sign in. . . Sigh!
Saix! I will send you the DVD ASAP! I forget jor about it! Was busy!

Tomorrow going to Gurney at 6 to c the Korean Dance Comedy, Break Out! And also DANZITY will be there too to do performance! Do go and support! 
Opps! I still did not get the Break out ticket yet! Hopefully I still can get it by tomorrow!

Makan Makan!

Yo! I'm finally back from silent! Just come back from a cari makan makan trip with Hans.
Went to a few isolated place to find the restaurant that Hans targeted for a while liao. . . But all din open then we proceed to Crepe Cottage! Haha

Saix got recommend before, so we head to take look! Haha!

Before that, a little of what happen this few days without my maid. . .

The washing machine broke down and flooded the kitchen almost 3 days every time my mum turn the machine on! Making our night miserable!
Decided to repair it since all the guys in the house! Haha!
I tot people jack car up to repair. Washing machine also? Haha!

Since no photography everyday. . . everyday was full with work until I have no pic to post! Plus cannot simply take leave! Aiks!

Okay. . . Back to cari makan!
What to eat leh? 1st time here. . .

It was kinda simple inside out. . . Kinda cozy. . . 

It just a small restaurant located just beside coffee island. . .

My Micky Mouse drink . . . RM8.00
Vanilla coke float with whipped cream and cherry.

Hans drinks. . .RM5.50
(Lime, Kalamansi, Soda Water)

I think it is home made. . . Kinda unique. . . RM6.00

After that, it was beef fiesta!
Hans Beef Double Decker with Salsa Sauce! Damn nice! RM20.00

Mine beef it up! Australian beef! Omg! Damn nice too! RM16.00

The dessert of the day was the strawberry and lychee with crepee! Damn nice too! Haha!

Overall the food was nice. . . but the serving kinda slow. . . Probably got a chef only? Haha!
It close on every Tuesday. . .
So do visit!


Plus there is no tax!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another day. . .

Today I supposed to wake up at 9 but end up I wake up at 10 something...
They call me out for Dim Sum and I was the last to arrive and every1 almost finish their food! =.="

After that, went to Sunshine Mcd to help Eddie to get the COD of Canon 1000D from a shutterasia member. . .
Well. . . It was in nice shape! Lol! He manage to get it under RM1500! Eh EDDIE! Welcome to the DSLR family! Haha!

After that went to INTI to hear a talk from guys in Curtin University in Perth, Australia.
What I can say is that Curtin is nice! Haha!

After finish, went down and get my CFP Graduation certificate! Just manage to get Pass with Certificate! Damn swt! Can't get distinction!

Must study hard next time!

After that, goto Komtar Click n Snap cari lens! Lowepro Off Trail II Bag! Extreme CF card! Haha!

After testing the Sigma 70-200 F/2.8, I think I'm going to get a fix aperture tele lens liao la! Fix aperture will make my day more easier, plus much nicer! Haha! Going to get it in 2 months time?
But manage to get a CF Card only! RM55!

After that, went to QB to watch Night at The Museum with Thaw and Julia.
Nice movie. . . Met Lynn there. . . She sit just behind me only! =.="

After that goto buy a mobile phone for my bro! Thaw and Julia keep want to be my brother. . . Swt!
Lol! A brother buy stuff for his brother birthday present very weird meh? Lol!

Since my bro 1st start use a HP. . . It was a second hand. . . I always get to use a 1st hand hp. . .
I also want my bro to get a chance to use a 1st hp. . . Sis if you view my blog. . . Next time when u come back I buy for u la! Haha! My smallest bro already got 1! Haha!

I brought him a N78

Got GPS, Wifi, and lots of stuff la. . . Why I buy a GPS phone is because he get lost easily! Haha!

Write till here la! Continue perhaps tomorrow? everyday working I'm run out of picture to post!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Get some picture from Steve a long time ago about our photoshoot back in Esplaned. . .

Group picture taken using 3 flashes. . . Damn nice exposure. . .

Too busy la! No time to take pic! I'm run out of photo! I'm still lazy edit those picture la. . . Everyday work till headache. . .

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Louis Pang WorkShop - P2

Today. . . A little moody since was working whole day using my brain power and all those annoying folder almost scattered around the whole office and my mum thought I was able to do so many stuff in such condition. . .

My mum place serious need to start from ground zero. . .
Exhibition start in 24 July. . . Mum handle the whole project to me. . . The brochure and marketing section was me to think! OMG!

Another Secondary School project was handle to me. . . Omg! Also need to hand over on July! Stress si ki!

Continue back to my photos. . . Actually I did not snap a lot of picture in Louis Pang Workshop as most of the time I listening to his teaching and watch him do what he expert in! then only I shot a few shot to understand the technique. . .

Photographer from KL come to Penang just to attend his workshop!

The guy with Canon USM 70-200 f/2.8!
The lens was nicely built and damn heavy! Damn solid! Price also damn pretty! It going to cost you RM6599++!

After that, we went to Convent Light Streets to take picture!
The school environment was damn nice! It was well preserve since it was built long long time ago!

The entao ba shooting wearing his sunglasses. . . Won't he get his exposure wrong?

Correct the setting use by his student. . .

Looks like a hotel!
This rear part of Convent Light Streets was the best place in the whole compound as you can constantly hear the wave breaking onto the shoreline and the gentle breeze of the sea wind. . .
Damn nice! Unfortunately it was a girl school and no boy's are allow! Lol! A life time experience!

Sherlyn with her BF, Yong

Louis Pang in action! His lens damn long! Also a 70-200 f/2.8 lens! OMG! I want this lens! But I'm going to settle with 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 1st la! Budget problem! Haha!

Tomorrow post is talking about the past!
Stay tune for more!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Louis Pang Workshop

Yesterday. . . Went to Louis Pang Workshop to learn more and get inspire!
He was an international renowned wedding and portrait photographer!

Damn like his picture! Not like normal picture we used to look in forum. . .

Learn how to control my exposure on the subject skin in every pic. Teach client how to pose. How to communicate. . . Another way of wireless flash!

Here is some of my picture on exposure training. . .
Her name was Ying and she was an normal person. . . Not a modal at all. . . We need to teach her how to pose. . . A step from what I usually don't do. . . Because what I do always was just say it out... Not really posing as a mirror for the model.

This model was Sherlyn. . . She was also same as Ying which they both are volunteer to let us shoot in this workshop.

And to my surprise. . . Omar was there too! Lol! He with Canon 70-200 f/2.8 on his hand! Damn nice using lens with fix aperture!

All the above picture are shooted using 50mm f/1.4 setting at f/2.8. . .
All shoot using available light! Minor touch up on blemished in Sherlyn picture. . .

More tomorrow! 
Btw, just drop my maid at airport just now!
Maid for 1 month really starts now!

Learned a new philosophy there. . .

"A good photographer always make their picture right in the 1st place without keep photoshoping to correct their mistake!"

I am going to do it too!