Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm Back!

Hi all! Sorry for didn't update my blog for 3 days as the Internet expenses in Genting sipek expensive! RM15 for 1 hour! RM10 for half! Damn la!

Decided to save the money to makan so you all have to wait till today only I can continue to update my blog!

A week back went to DANZITY dance week where they host dance class for FREE! Haha!

Raymond my new friend! HAHA!

Steve in action! Didn't you got LCD screen? Haha! Passion! Haha!
Fin . Steve . Jose

Raymond again. . . Learning how to use Saix A300. . . Not bad, your picture!

Saix. . .

Steve get his baptist souvenir

Performance by DANZITY team. .  Lead by Sean

During my stay there, I tried out something new. . . Flash combine with slow shutter = slow sync

Raymond + A300.

Talented dancer. . . Jose! How old do you all think he is? He is only 17 years old!

Grace the Tauke Soh! Haha!

After all the dance. . . we went to a shop nearby to dine in. . .

The "Lam" rice

Quite tasty and all stuff there are quite cheap a food + beverage + desert will not cost over RM10! How nice!

A teaser for Genting 3 Days 2 Nights Trip
More update soon!

About Gurney MayFair Part 2


Genting Trip!

Stay tune for more!