Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Louis Pang WorkShop - P2

Today. . . A little moody since was working whole day using my brain power and all those annoying folder almost scattered around the whole office and my mum thought I was able to do so many stuff in such condition. . .

My mum place serious need to start from ground zero. . .
Exhibition start in 24 July. . . Mum handle the whole project to me. . . The brochure and marketing section was me to think! OMG!

Another Secondary School project was handle to me. . . Omg! Also need to hand over on July! Stress si ki!

Continue back to my photos. . . Actually I did not snap a lot of picture in Louis Pang Workshop as most of the time I listening to his teaching and watch him do what he expert in! then only I shot a few shot to understand the technique. . .

Photographer from KL come to Penang just to attend his workshop!

The guy with Canon USM 70-200 f/2.8!
The lens was nicely built and damn heavy! Damn solid! Price also damn pretty! It going to cost you RM6599++!

After that, we went to Convent Light Streets to take picture!
The school environment was damn nice! It was well preserve since it was built long long time ago!

The entao ba shooting wearing his sunglasses. . . Won't he get his exposure wrong?

Correct the setting use by his student. . .

Looks like a hotel!
This rear part of Convent Light Streets was the best place in the whole compound as you can constantly hear the wave breaking onto the shoreline and the gentle breeze of the sea wind. . .
Damn nice! Unfortunately it was a girl school and no boy's are allow! Lol! A life time experience!

Sherlyn with her BF, Yong

Louis Pang in action! His lens damn long! Also a 70-200 f/2.8 lens! OMG! I want this lens! But I'm going to settle with 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 1st la! Budget problem! Haha!

Tomorrow post is talking about the past!
Stay tune for more!