Monday, May 18, 2009

Louis Pang Workshop

Yesterday. . . Went to Louis Pang Workshop to learn more and get inspire!
He was an international renowned wedding and portrait photographer!

Damn like his picture! Not like normal picture we used to look in forum. . .

Learn how to control my exposure on the subject skin in every pic. Teach client how to pose. How to communicate. . . Another way of wireless flash!

Here is some of my picture on exposure training. . .
Her name was Ying and she was an normal person. . . Not a modal at all. . . We need to teach her how to pose. . . A step from what I usually don't do. . . Because what I do always was just say it out... Not really posing as a mirror for the model.

This model was Sherlyn. . . She was also same as Ying which they both are volunteer to let us shoot in this workshop.

And to my surprise. . . Omar was there too! Lol! He with Canon 70-200 f/2.8 on his hand! Damn nice using lens with fix aperture!

All the above picture are shooted using 50mm f/1.4 setting at f/2.8. . .
All shoot using available light! Minor touch up on blemished in Sherlyn picture. . .

More tomorrow! 
Btw, just drop my maid at airport just now!
Maid for 1 month really starts now!

Learned a new philosophy there. . .

"A good photographer always make their picture right in the 1st place without keep photoshoping to correct their mistake!"

I am going to do it too!