Saturday, May 2, 2009

Clement Part 2

I found some interesting picture on my camera taken a weeks back. . . 1 is by Steve and another was by my brother currently study in Equator.

By Steve Feat. En Ping

Streets Light Trail by Kay Yang

Let's continue on the post about Clement farewell! Haha!
Was having a small photo shoot on the beach.

Julia in action with her LX3

I like this skin tone! Like cover page! Haha! Inspired by Louis Pang

Use multiple flash to create this multiple Clement in 1 frame.

A jump by them.
Julia you damn hiong la. . . Haha!

After that we went to Clement Dad restaurant to dine in. . .
All time favourite Ice Lemon Tea!

Blended Cappuccino? For Eddie and Julia

Mine - Thai Meets Italy

Crab Meat? Forget liao. . . Haha! Eddie and Julia ordered this dish.

Thaw order this Salmon. . .

Currently addicted to a few song from Lee Hom
Inspired by Thaw during Wednesday went to RedBox.
His new song - 心跳
Another was - 信任

Another news update was that Clement officially register in HELP psychology course and will not joining us for July Curtin. . . Clement you take care yea!

Another was Saix!
She is going to KL as we speaks now! To further her degree in Psychology too! In UCSI.

You take care!
Remember to take lots of picture and post it up! Haha!
When you come back only we have photo shoot again la!


Louis said...

nice attempt with off camera flash.