Sunday, August 31, 2008

Merdeka Parade

Today wake up at 7
Morning called by Mr Yeap
Damn sleepy because the previous night can't sleep till 4 am in the morning
Luckily I manage to sleep for about 4 hour before getting up
Some for photo for the day
I still cannot manage to upload the flash picture

PCGHS Drumline


Thursday, August 28, 2008

TamBun Trip!

TamBun Tambun here I come!
Today went to Mr Thaw house for BBQ! Finally can mett you guys! But SADDLY! many of you did not turn up due to some unforseen problem...nvm la...

I think most ko lian is Tauke Soh ba! Suddenly yesterday night "pok chan!" at her house staircase because slippery stair after raining.....

Pain till hard to walk....want to come also cannot come....

1st stop! Mr Hwa house! Wait Mr Thaw to come and together goto the new Aeon Jusco!

Meet Tauke , Miss Wei Lin and Mr Yenz there....The place is kinda BIG! not use to it..."kiam kiam" lost our way....the basement car park also very BIG! "Kiam Kiam long tiao"langggar pillar cause no proper eh road sign eh! Alamak!

Have you all heard of Sushi Queen?!?

Even their S&J are bigger than ours!

See before a pink bowl in mens washroom?

Moon cake any1?

I snap them from far far away...hehe

After have meet wif Tauke and Wei Lin and Mr Yenz...We goto secret Receipe makan!

Tauke eating Miss Wei Lin fries!

Very seldom to c ppl bring the elder come out and eat ler

AFter that we go do some shopping for our BBQ

How good Jusco that they still sell Non-Halal

What are they lookiong at?

Entering contest on how many fruit are on the tree!

After that is Thaw House!!!!

Nice leh?

Mr kenji San aka Mr Thaw dog

The big 1!

Tauke luan luan lai eh...but still taste gud!

Watching supeman

Nice leh? Miss Wei Lin take cook eh! Nice cooking there!Juicy Lamb Chop! Taken by Mr Thaw!Our funny faceslast pic of the day....

reach home at 11.30

Bit tired i end it quite simply....

See you all at Tuesday!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


At least something to cheer up for once a while after a week confined in the house....At least can go out hv a walk walk....

Today ajak KS aka Khea Seng and Siong Huey go out with me to QB walk walk...

1st stop is at KS house!

Ppl using Vaio o!

After that he take my camera for a "spin" 1 of his ceration


After that, goto QB!

Does the cloud looks like a muscle man biceps?


Self taken by him

Mr Nivek!

Then go play "ting ting"!!!!

After finish, KS found that his wallet is gone already! Find lai find ki dunno y find boh....aiks!

Then goto to the informatiom counter report....

When go back home still kena scold by his mum! Aiks!

Tomorrow going to Mr Thaw house ler......

A few of our member cannot sad.....

Then you all see my blog ba la!


Hope you can find tio your wallet ASAP ba!