Saturday, August 23, 2008

Work + Japanese Food!!!!

Yesterday when my mum came back for lunch, she asked me to follow her to Butterworth to work. Work as a photographer! Finally can test my camera on the field and my mum was quite impress with the camera...Yes!

I drive my mum to Butterworth, Jawi. 1st time drive my mum to highway, she obviously was very nervous when I drive but as soon as I clear the Penang Bridge she was more "fang xin"

It took us about 45min to reach there. I think it is a new primary or secondary school. It was big as half of Chung Ling ba i think.

The meeting room

Its going to rain again

Then today at night myparents take us out for Japanese Food after so long time go out eat together ler! Yeah! We goto I-Avenue there eat. My job again is to take photo la....can take picture of food and spy on their furniture...wakaka...jkjk onli

A strings curtain seperate all the table



Soft Shell Crab

My bro and mine set dinner

My mum and sis

My sis n bro

Acting "Black Rose"

My dad and mum also follow...we all laugh till so loud

Just transfer this pic from my hp to pc

Its was a day when we whole class...16 of them goto watch Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor

It is 16 ppl!we manage to buy whole row to sit together after the booking time is over...

Tauke Soh and Mr Thaw showing the ticket ina interesting way!

btw....Tauke Soh you should wear this kind of colour and shirt more suit you!