Monday, August 4, 2008

Penfurnex Exhibition

Last friday till yesterday Sunday 1/8 - 3/8 PISA hold a a furniture exhition and my dad company also partipate and I have to go and help @_@

Here is some of my pic during there....

My Pass

My dad com kitchen design (This is before)

This is after

My aunt showing customer 3D design

My sis doing his job

& it is lunch time!!!!!!

Actually is not pizza eh....I already eat rice box ler but after my lunch bout 3 something my mum buy pizza for us about 4....that time i still full option la...hv to eat while it still hot!


Then my aunt curi curi snap me while im eat!

3day straight stand 11 - 9 pm....phew.....stand till my leg also wana patah ler!

Meet many people there........A experience to be store!


Chia Ying said...

have faith in urself! gd luck in everyhing you do ya~