Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Phew! Was a busy week few weeks back and was tired and lazy to update blog....So now..Lets went back to the past!^_^

Play Ah Hwa hp b4 GNS presentation xD

Reading the slide

Missy presenting influenza

After that, they decide to goto RedBox to let out all the burden and high "fan tin"^_^

Mr Thaw acting cute from the pose that we created from Tauke SOh eh birthday

They both go there to sleep....ALAMAK!

1st time Tauke sing leh! Aplause pls!

AFter that on a wednesday....8TV Porm King & Queen roadshow come to our schl! Yeah!

When Miss Grace give us break....we goto level 2 to hv a watch and found Mr Sharmin taking pic wif modal pose! Walau! Then soon after that the rest join in and hv the photo shoot and every pic they will print 1 free for us it is F.O.C!!!!

The girls taking pic

Very many ppl on th 8TV booth

Tauke & Missy

And last week Friday we goto QB to hv lunch b4 those who live in hostel went back to their hometown.....gonna b a quite weekend...^_^

At Chopper Board

Saturday night I go out wif Mr. Eu Han and Mr. Patrick them at New World Park and meet some of my secondary schl frens......chit chat till "morning"....

Then they goto the dunno wat Ali there eat supper.....Then i fetch Mr. Eu Han a burger for my bro when I'm on my way back.......

Talk & talk

Mc Hang & Mr. Patrick

Mr. Beh aka as the dancer!!!poping....^_^

Mr. Eu Han & Mr. Adrian & Mr. unknown

Pai seh yea those pic bit black...using Mr Han hp....

Mr. Patrick was down tat day..... 26/7 is his anniversary.......cheer up man....seperated across continental.....

After that many had happen in this few weeks....some I did not hv the photo so cut it short la......

Try to b more complete nxt time....

Peace to U all!