Saturday, July 12, 2008

Treasure Hunt aka I'm THE Survivor

Some of my creation Subject :Mr Isaac

Today go for the treasure Hunt! I'm THE Survivor! Yeah! But damn sleeepy when hav to wake up at 5.45am to go n fatch Mr Goh!

Aiks...then fetch him to Mc Donald Drive Thru to get his breakfast! and rush to Esplaned...

Many ppl were there when we reach and Mr Chee Hau get us registered.

We are called to paint our own face! This some of our design!

Mr Goh UJ

Mr Jia Yong help Miss Li Hong paint number on her face!! A rare secne!

Mr JX have love on his face!

Mr Issac

Mr Chin Heng face says:" HEY U!"

Mr Chee Hau

Mr Jun Wei

My Junior.....

A weird name

I heard that at night...This road is full of "kok kok gai" eh!wakaka!

Singing National Anthem! C we so love our country!wakaka

At our 3rd station! Fake eh! Argh!

Journey around Georgetown ( On our way to Lb Armanien)2nd final destination

Pause for a pic! Hehe tired till cannot smile!^^

Mr Goh bz copying the history of the old house...1of our mission

Looking at map for Goddess of mercy! which is??? (Guan Yim Teng) speak in Hokkien

OMG we dunno that got this english name eh! =.=

Our mission! Call pedastrian to kiss the paper for us! 7.5cm wide!

The Loh Mee aunty! haha...

Without U we may reach finish point late! Thx

The another aunty also help us! Thx

We rush back to Esplaned to finish our journey and we get 30 something! My cousin get 2nd! Walau! Many teams were girls eh leh...aiks....

Get home about 4 and drop Isaac and Mr Goh onmy way back...tired day!


摩天轮 said...

i so regret din take photo
i oso gt copy the history
my writting so messy tat time~