Monday, July 14, 2008

Blood Donation Day!

Today after English class they decide to goto Hawker Center eat....The primary destination is sunshine square hawker centre but unfortunately it only open at 11 and we reach there about 10 something and every1 stomach was hitting the drum ler.....haha....So we decide to goto Bayan Baru Hawker Centre.

At Bayan Baru Hawker Centre
They all go and order left me and all this glasses of water >< Wan some?

Look so "HIGH" too delicious ler
After that, we go back to INTI and go for blood donation! Yeah!
And we fill up the form and get checked with our blood and get our bags and soon we are filling bag with bloods! Hmm...I wonder why am I so excited?

Mr Thaw was geeting confirm and get his basket of blood bag

Miss Yung Ping was getting blood pressure check

Mr Thaw was the 1st to go

I'm 2nd!

The video below show me kena "pook" and the nurse was messing with my needle...she put even deeper and move lai move ki....pain si wa a!

Miss Yung Ping: "Pain!Pain!"

After a while she can smile ler! Peace 2 u 2! ^_^

Her blood type was B type and her bag fill so fast almost like 10min only

He is so damn relax......

Although I start at 2nd but I was the last to finish....aiks....even Mr Leong and Miss Yung Ping are faster than me...their blood just flow like water...alamak....

My blood was taking their sweet time to come out and every1 was finish and I was bit pressure...haha.....

Mayb yesterday I eat too many ho liao things blood "berat hati" to leave me...wakaka....

Make every1 wait for me...pai seh nia.....haha.....

Finally Sharmin join me =)

After that, drop Miss Yung Ping & Mr Leong back to hostel

My hand still damn pain and it swell a little bit.