Friday, July 31, 2009


Today post going to be a summary for those picture which I didn't include in my previous post because some of those picture were in my mobile phone!
This was taken during the open ceremony of PENFURNEX 2009. Lim Guan Eng was there too!

Saturday night went to Creepe Cottage with my aunt and my bro after the fair to enjoy dinner and dessert there! Phew it was nice! Haha!
Almond Chicken

Mango Delight! This taste damn nice!
Creepe Cottage are highly recommended for dessert and food! Due to its low price! I think the most expensive also 20 bucks only!

The moment during school reopen!
Sleeping all the way in class! Haha!

Just now went to the Korean BBQ Restaurant beside Hong Leong Bank at I-Avenue! Daorae is the name!
Silver Utensil!

We ordered pork mudon and chicken!
We are serve with the Korean appetizer of 10 item! Lol! A good thing about it is that it can be refill! Eat as much as you like!

The appetizer + sauces

Pork Pork Pork! Nice!

My mum ordered a Kimchi Noodle which also taste quite nice!
Not too spicy yet not too sweet! It was just right!

Another view in the bowl. . .

Parent busy makan makan! Lol!

All taken using C905! Woot! The picture quality not bad leh! Haha!
Attn Sis: Too bad you're not here! Wakaka!
I'm evil!

Tomorrow morning going for a photoshoot! Stay tune for that!
Tomorrow also is PSC Founders' Day! I'm going there! More about it soon!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Teoh Beng Hock Fiancee

I don't really touch about politics and this case about death of Selangor Officer really brings up a whirl wind in Malaysia.

Being following this news for weeks and everyday the news was full about him and those who are involved are not cooperative and many question are still not yet to be answer.

This is a video about the sorrow of his fiancee bid goodbye to him.

The case has raise many suspicious about the ability of the Badan Pencegah Rasuah and The Royal Police as it is controlled directly by the Government unlike the U.S where the Police Department are different body from the Government and they have the right to arrest Government highest rank people.

The world is full or corruption and powerful people oppressing those weeks!

May the world become a better place!

Condolences to his family! May you RIP!


Last Week after Bon Odori Festival, I learned some setting from Mr Tee and manage to get more rich colour out form my camera! Haha!

All picture below are not edited in photoshop or whatsoever!
The contrast looks good! Haha!

Yesterday after skipping the afternoon work time, I went to meet Jing Ming for a photoshoot he organized.

Mana tau when I reach there I supposed to help to post model! Lol! It was my first time to post the model for 6 camera to shoot!

Im the director for the day so not many picture are taken, these are some shots that I have taken. The shooting location was indoor and my 50mm was at Steve place to I just have to deal with lens that I had that day. All shoot using Steve 55-200mm f/4-5.6.

I still prefer a fix aperture lens because it helps me alot from changing the shutter speed time to time when I zoomed in and out. Plus fix aperture lens are mostly great in low light condition where we just want to shoot in available light.

Jovyn - Model Of The Day

Edited into B&W

Try to pose her into a sensual position but everytime I pose to show her and she just can't stop laughing! Haha! People say my butt is very big! OMG! Sad nia!

Spotted a window nearby and shoot this picture using the diffused light by the big window screen.

After that, went outdoor to shoot


A close shot of Jovyn!

Thats why I like tele lens! Especially Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 where impossible shot are possible with it and the bokeh is even more than the standard 55-200mm kit lens! Haha!

Today I'm back to school and faced a sleepy morning as I everyday used to wake up at 9 when having 3months of holiday working. And now you want me to wake up at 7?! It was so OMG to get myself up from the bed! My maid even called me to get my As* up for so many times that even she also gave up! Lol!

My basic accounting teacher was okay la but the marketing teacher were. . . Swt =.="

I still prefer previous sem lecturer! Mr Beh(Marketing and Management) , Mr Goh(Marketing and Management) , Mr Yeoh(Economics) , Dr Z(Marketing and Economics)

Luckily this sem got Mr Yeoh for teaching us economics! and Mr Ooi (Sem1 IT lecturer) for teaching us Business IT.

Both of this lecturer class will be our saviour from boredomness for this half year! Haha! Lol!

Today really talked alot! Guess I'm having a good mood! Just get my hair cut done and a new wax! Wee~! How my hair will turn out tomorrow?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Bon Odori P3

Phew! Finally get a break after 3month of Holiday working! Tomorrow I'm finally back to college!
Today find some excuse for not going to work! Haha! Have a small break before start me grueling 3 years programme.

Let's wrap up the Bon Odori Fest!
The students in action

Like 24 Drum

After my meal, I was walking around and found a lot of people surrounding this cute girl! Lol! Damn she handle it very well being point by more than 20+ DSLR and compact camera! I think she will be a model in the future. . . Haha!

Lets skip the night dance as Steve lens does not do that well in low light and I wanted to capture the available light to preserve the feel.

Let go for fireworks!
A few days before that, I brought myself a remote trigger for the camera and this is what I got.
Bad fireworks!
Too crowded

Too early

Better abit

Even better? Lol!

At least I know what to do next time! Use Bulb and a black cardboard!

Last week, I was at the Penang Penfurnex 2009! No picture for the event as I did not bring my DSLR and no time to take picture also. . .

But a week before that, I went to client house to detail their completed interior for our exhibition sample.
Using my wide lens. . . Really looks different form the standard kit lens~! Haha!

This is how its looks in computer. . . Like actual 3D Design!

Any1 want interior detailing? Find me! Haha!

Afternoon just came back from a photoshoot organized by Jing Ming! Will have more detail about it tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bon Odori P2

After my dinner finish, my bro also went to have his dinner. Then I continue my shots.
A lot of people neh. . .

Our Penang Hero on speech!

Meet Marcus there. . . Become more man liao eh! Haha!

Saw a Malay girl on Yukata. (Corrected by Jing Ming)

Saw a cute boy helping his dad holding the tripod stand on his back.

Well. . . Time to sleep. . .
Working whole day long and tomorrow will have a long afternoon detailing client house for the upcoming Penfurnex!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bon Odori

Yesterday, went to Bon Odori which only held once a year. Me and my bro reach there around 5.30 and the place was totally full with peoples!

Then we start shooting when the drummer was doing their rehearsal.
Students from Penang Japanese School.

Couch keeping their beat right.

After that, went to have candid shots. . .
Nikon user using Sony straps. . . Hrmm. . .Bro apa you mau? Nikon + Sony = Niny? Haha!

Japanese Girl with Kimono

Spotted my last sem maths lecturer. He is a Sony A300 user.

Local girls with Kimono.

Spotted girls with Alpha camera! Haha!

After all those shooting. . . Went to get 2 voucher and start my food fest! Haha! While it is my bro turn to go for shooting. . .
Next year Bon Odori will be more picture as I plan to have another body? Haha!
The bulk sales, 4 bottles for RM10 plus free you a Yeo's glass

Evening light is just nice!

Get to shoot a cute gina just a table beside me. . .

More soon! Hopefully! Since this week will be very busy for the PISA Penfurnex at Friday!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Little Break

Today went to INTI after lunch break to go for a briefing for our course by Miss Carole. . . Me, Eddie and Julia skip the whole orientation thingy as we already know where all the stuff are already. . . and go to Komtar Click and Snaps!

Today get myself 2 things.
1st Up! A remote shutter button! I think it is 50cm long eh cable. . .

It got the function of pressing half way through to get focus and full press to take the picture.
It also got the hold button as we can use BULB mode in Manual Mode to open the shutter long as we wanted la. . .

After you set the shutter slower than 30 second in Manual Mode you will get to the BULB Mode which you can press how long you want. Why I wanted to use this remote shutter button leh if I can just press it on the camera shutter button?

The remote cable shutter allows me to hold the shutter without vibrating the camera as it is going those long exposure and a little shake might ruin the picture such as fireworks show in this coming Bon Odori. . . That's why I brought this remote cable to help out. . .

The connection pin
Cost RM40

Another was the Lenspens!
To clean my lens and sensor. . .
Very light weight and compact!

It got 2 ends.
1 is very fine rough brush to clear any big particle

The another tip of the pen was to remove finger print or oily stain on the lens or the sensor. . . Pretty great when cleaning my gears as I don't have to worry about scratching my gear while using a conventional cloth to clean it.

After that went to Gurney to have early dinner. . . At MAX!
My Ginseng Tea. Take a close lok at the cup. . .

It looks like a recycle cup neh! Why don't follow Chopper board using stainless steel cup? more environmental friendly!

Eddie order this "Char Keow Kak"
Quite nice eh.. .

Mine 1 was the
Baked Chicken Cheese Rice

After that went for MOVIE!
Public Enemy!
The movie was not bad but the cinema is killing everyone! The air conditioning system like got problem neh! Very hot! And I sit till my BUTT numb ki! HAHA!

Tomorrow morning going to take my factory worker to go for safety examination at Butterworth. . .At 8! OMG!

Hope I can help all pass la! Haha!