Sunday, July 5, 2009

C905 Hands On!

Okay it is time for a picture quality review on C905. . .
This image of kids playground was taken last Thursday when I went to Alor Setar Mall to work. . .
It looks messy. . . Pai Seh!
It was taken using smart contrast. . . I think it over exposed some part. . . I think it is still better use on shooting portrait. . . It makes skin tone looks better and fair. . .

On the way back my mum drice so I manage to take some picture of the paddy field in Alor Setar. . .
With smart contrast on

Without smart contrast On and using scenery setting to shoot.

Last Friday, early in the morning me and my mum left for KL for a meeting. . .
I drive from Penang until Tapah! Start to drive as early as 5.30am. . . Pitch dark on the highway. . . Still glad that my 1st time drive till so far my mum didn't complain anything! Haha!
Have breakfast at Dunkin Donuts at Tapah

My Sausage Buns! Nice for a hungry stomach!

My mum. . .

My Mocha Latte!

After that no more picture as I was using GPS to guide us into and out form Petaling Jaya.
But when we reach out destination on GPS it was not the place we want to go! DAMN!

A road says it is ss223 but when we enter it was ss227?
Omg! Malaysia Government! Please update your map system and GPS system! Because of that I kena "BOOM" by my mum say my GPS cannot use. . . Haha! but last I use Google Map inside the phone to manually guide us there!

Below is a video captured using C905 during wedding dinner at night. I goto wedding straight after come back from KL. . . luckily I wear the correct colour for the ceremony. . . Because I used to wear B&W. . . much simple and nice!
The video quality quite good! The sound also very nice! Compare to some model that have explosive sound when shooting against a large speaker.

This was taken Yesterday when working in Butterworth. . . Nice Macro Shot!

It is a wonderful mobile phone! Hope you all have some idea of Sony Ericsson new Cyber Shot mobile phone!

Or you can consider a W995 almost same spec as C905!

Happy Mobiling!