Friday, July 31, 2009


Today post going to be a summary for those picture which I didn't include in my previous post because some of those picture were in my mobile phone!
This was taken during the open ceremony of PENFURNEX 2009. Lim Guan Eng was there too!

Saturday night went to Creepe Cottage with my aunt and my bro after the fair to enjoy dinner and dessert there! Phew it was nice! Haha!
Almond Chicken

Mango Delight! This taste damn nice!
Creepe Cottage are highly recommended for dessert and food! Due to its low price! I think the most expensive also 20 bucks only!

The moment during school reopen!
Sleeping all the way in class! Haha!

Just now went to the Korean BBQ Restaurant beside Hong Leong Bank at I-Avenue! Daorae is the name!
Silver Utensil!

We ordered pork mudon and chicken!
We are serve with the Korean appetizer of 10 item! Lol! A good thing about it is that it can be refill! Eat as much as you like!

The appetizer + sauces

Pork Pork Pork! Nice!

My mum ordered a Kimchi Noodle which also taste quite nice!
Not too spicy yet not too sweet! It was just right!

Another view in the bowl. . .

Parent busy makan makan! Lol!

All taken using C905! Woot! The picture quality not bad leh! Haha!
Attn Sis: Too bad you're not here! Wakaka!
I'm evil!

Tomorrow morning going for a photoshoot! Stay tune for that!
Tomorrow also is PSC Founders' Day! I'm going there! More about it soon!


sophialps said...

omgosh!! u went to the korean!! hahahha.. i also went there.. i love korean man... lolz