Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Last Week after Bon Odori Festival, I learned some setting from Mr Tee and manage to get more rich colour out form my camera! Haha!

All picture below are not edited in photoshop or whatsoever!
The contrast looks good! Haha!

Yesterday after skipping the afternoon work time, I went to meet Jing Ming for a photoshoot he organized.

Mana tau when I reach there I supposed to help to post model! Lol! It was my first time to post the model for 6 camera to shoot!

Im the director for the day so not many picture are taken, these are some shots that I have taken. The shooting location was indoor and my 50mm was at Steve place to I just have to deal with lens that I had that day. All shoot using Steve 55-200mm f/4-5.6.

I still prefer a fix aperture lens because it helps me alot from changing the shutter speed time to time when I zoomed in and out. Plus fix aperture lens are mostly great in low light condition where we just want to shoot in available light.

Jovyn - Model Of The Day

Edited into B&W

Try to pose her into a sensual position but everytime I pose to show her and she just can't stop laughing! Haha! People say my butt is very big! OMG! Sad nia!

Spotted a window nearby and shoot this picture using the diffused light by the big window screen.

After that, went outdoor to shoot


A close shot of Jovyn!

Thats why I like tele lens! Especially Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 where impossible shot are possible with it and the bokeh is even more than the standard 55-200mm kit lens! Haha!

Today I'm back to school and faced a sleepy morning as I everyday used to wake up at 9 when having 3months of holiday working. And now you want me to wake up at 7?! It was so OMG to get myself up from the bed! My maid even called me to get my As* up for so many times that even she also gave up! Lol!

My basic accounting teacher was okay la but the marketing teacher were. . . Swt =.="

I still prefer previous sem lecturer! Mr Beh(Marketing and Management) , Mr Goh(Marketing and Management) , Mr Yeoh(Economics) , Dr Z(Marketing and Economics)

Luckily this sem got Mr Yeoh for teaching us economics! and Mr Ooi (Sem1 IT lecturer) for teaching us Business IT.

Both of this lecturer class will be our saviour from boredomness for this half year! Haha! Lol!

Today really talked alot! Guess I'm having a good mood! Just get my hair cut done and a new wax! Wee~! How my hair will turn out tomorrow?