Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Current onlining see peoples blog and photography album. . .
I think my blog is getting mati and mati liao la! No OMHP at all. . . I guess working whole day really has impact on me. .

Everyday reach home tio become lazy to move at all! OMG!
My baby currently at BbOY place since he want to help Sean take picture of him compete at Genting last few days ago. . ..

I want to at school! So I will have more free time to shooting! Haha!
I want probably a new lens? Haha! To kick start low light shooting and mid-range tele photography!

I want have more $$$ so I can pi shopping! No only I know why people who are working just love to shop! They feel very siok when they shopping using their hard earn money. . . Sounds weird right. . . But I'm having a situation like that. . . currently my $$$ flow to a few part so will have to wait a while before"they" return my money and next month getting my salary! Haha!

Currently addicted to BlackShot! An online game! haha!
Addicted to Keri Hilson Song -Knock You Down

More work tomorrow! hope to update my blog with a brand new face again!
Stay tune!