Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bon Odori

Yesterday, went to Bon Odori which only held once a year. Me and my bro reach there around 5.30 and the place was totally full with peoples!

Then we start shooting when the drummer was doing their rehearsal.
Students from Penang Japanese School.

Couch keeping their beat right.

After that, went to have candid shots. . .
Nikon user using Sony straps. . . Hrmm. . .Bro apa you mau? Nikon + Sony = Niny? Haha!

Japanese Girl with Kimono

Spotted my last sem maths lecturer. He is a Sony A300 user.

Local girls with Kimono.

Spotted girls with Alpha camera! Haha!

After all those shooting. . . Went to get 2 voucher and start my food fest! Haha! While it is my bro turn to go for shooting. . .
Next year Bon Odori will be more picture as I plan to have another body? Haha!
The bulk sales, 4 bottles for RM10 plus free you a Yeo's glass

Evening light is just nice!

Get to shoot a cute gina just a table beside me. . .

More soon! Hopefully! Since this week will be very busy for the PISA Penfurnex at Friday!


Sen Sen said...

wau~ that is fast.. when i went there, is quite late d.. about 8 something d.. and i do on nite shooting d..