Thursday, July 2, 2009

Enrolment Sunday

Today going to start out my Enrolment post witha pic of Kwang Hao!
Nikon Kakis!

The Old Kakis. . .

Mr Shern. . . You will have the chance next time! Don't worry!

A shot posed by me! Haha! glad how the picture turn out. . .

The Primers. . .

This is the pose NCO will always pose. . . Jia Yong picture above looks better. . . Haha! I mean the "feel"

The old kakis. . . All PSC Champ.

The Girls'

Guard Of Honour

The photographer of the day. . .

More to come!
For a full album of the picture I took that day do visit my web album here!

I did not bookmark the picture. . . So you all can download it sui sui!