Thursday, July 29, 2010

You And Me

When Only We Could Be Together?

I Will Wait For You

No More Empty Promises

Commitment And Freedom

We Can Overcome it.

Base On What We Went Through. We Can Do It!

Have confident in our relationship!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Genting 2010 Part 1

This time I would let the picture do the elaboration.
I know it is kinda boring by not adding caption on every picture, but I too lazy to do it after all the picture editing and posting!
Pai Seh! Hope you all enjoy this series!

I had a wonderful trip with my coursemate!
Chiew Bee
Ong Kang Quan
Chuah Yin Ming
Chooi Wei Lin
See Yung Ping

We should do another trip in the future! Theme park picture will be post in second part of Genting Trip! Because all are taken using Miss See "keat keat" Sony TX7!!!! WooHoo!!!
DSC_0903 copy
DSC_0904 copy
DSC_0910 copy
DSC_0918 copy
DSC_0921 copy
DSC_0925 copy
DSC_0930 copy
DSC_0956 copy
DSC_0957 copy
DSC_0958 copy
DSC_0959 copy
DSC_0961 copy
DSC_0966 copy
DSC_1026 copy
DSC_1031 copy
DSC_1032 copy
DSC_1033 copy
DSC_1035 copy
DSC_1042 copy
DSC_1049 copy
DSC_1050 copy
DSC_1052 copy
DSC_1054 copy
DSC_1056 copy
DSC_1065 copy
DSC_1071 copy
DSC_1074 copy

From here start I need to type something to introduce this delicious food to all!!!
After we came down from Genting, Yung Ping and Yin Ming suggest to try out the local delicacy!
It is the so called "Lor Mee of Ulu Yam Lama"!!! Sipek nice!
Not the ordinary Lor Mee you can find in Malaysia!
DSC_1094 copy
Guess what. The main ingredient in creating the gravy was vinegar and eggs!
The noodle are rather special also. Using "Fat Noodle" in chinese word to cook this Lor Mee rather than using the yellow noodle we usually eat in usual Lor Mee.

DSC_1095 copy
This is the authentic Lor Mee in Ulu Yam Lama! The boss of the restaurant is very master in cooking every dish of Lor Mee and we can feel his hardwork through his dishes! Damn nice!!!

Ulu Yam Lama also famous for its" Fish Cake"!!! Come and try it! It is fresh as you can get!
The picture above are the signage of the restaurant, you may have difficulty in finding the restaurant as the signage is easily block by car.

Follow this clue:
The first restaurant you encounter on your way there is the correct one.

Second is by the picture below. There will be a old lady selling biscuits in front of the shop. If Im not wrong, she would be the mum of the shopkeeper.
DSC_1096 copy

DSC_1098 copy
Be prepare to fill your stomach with this delicious meal! In came in a big bowl!!!!! So order wisely! This two bowl of Lor Mee plus the fish cake make 6 of us stomach burst! Phew! Imagine it!

Haha! You still can see Chiew Bee wiping her mouth! Haha!

Here is the link to how to go.

Coordinates: 3°27'9"N 101°38'34"E

I miss You!

Know That?!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Genting 2010

3 Days ago, went to Genting with my friends. Had a great time with them!. First time drive all my friends all the way from Penang to Genting! Woohoo! Driving Naza Ria! Boh Huat! Who call Im their "Papa"??? haha!

We went out early at 5 and fetch all my "children" along the way to Genting Skyway. Stop by at Ipoh for it famous Dim Sum! We plan to goto Fo Shan but it didn't open on that day, Yin Ming recommended us another shop called "Ghee Huat" just across the street.

It may seem no much crowded in the shop compare to Fo Shan, but less crowded restaurant means better food. I feel this shop serve quite quality and nice Dim Sum for our appetite.
DSC_0873 copy
We ordered a pot of "Pu Er"

DSC_0874 copy
I don't know what this called but it taste great! It got shrimp pieces inside! Fresh and crunchy!

DSC_0877 copy
This is something like the "Chee Cheong Fan" Skin wrap around the ham and other stuff...
This was not that great although it is new on menu.

DSC_0879 copy
This one taste great too! It is " Hu Pio" in Hokkien?

DSC_0880 copy
Scallop "Xiu Mai" taste great too!

DSC_0882 copy
They got "Big" Xiu Mai and "Ha Gao" with feature extra ingredient and larger proportion.

DSC_0884 copy

DSC_0891 copy
What I can say is we eat alot! Total bill was RM100+ But it taste not bad, thats why we think it quite worth it!

The attendees!!
DSC_0892 copy
Soon after that, we went to Genting Highland!

The video below was taken in genting Skyway Cable car when we are on our way up!

Sem break BBQ picture were still in processing! Will post in ASAP!

P/S: If little sacrifice will make you a happy person, I will do it. Don't feel bad about it, because I voluntary .