Monday, June 29, 2009


Today we are going to start off with bike backside! Haha!
Sexy back? Haha!

Sexy Body!

Nice Ekzos you got there!

Then it is transformer! In the showcase of the Transformer The Revenge Of The Fallen, They had a exhibit on Transformer model from the oldies until now. . .

After that, went to roof top to have some shoot as we never went there before. . .

The streets below. . .

A shadow of mine. . .

Today afternoon admitted my dad to Tanjung Medical Center as he is having spinal problem for a week and today he finally goto hospital to have some serious check up! Tomorrow will have his MRI scanning. . .

Finger crossed!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Yesterday after Sony Alpha workshop, went to QB with Jing Ming and his fren Alfred to shoot some super bike! I think when I got a longer lens! I will go to MotorGP next year!! Or F1! Haha!

Feature Kawasaki!
Green Ninja

A few like scrambler type bike. . . Damn light and nice!

The muffler is different la. . . different pitch of sound. . . damn nice. . . more picture or video can check out Jing Ming blog!

A mas rider type of bike. . .

Black Ninja. . .

Air Intake

The ekzos

Green Ninja bottom part. . .

Carbon fibre ekzos?

Radiator. . .

High performance disc brake!

More tomorrow!

Attended Enrolment Sunday this morning. . . Had a good time there. . . But unfortunately at 12 O' Clock I have to leave to accompany my mum to Gurney Hotel to attend her client son wedding.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


This post is going to talk about few stuff happened few days ago and I'm late to posting it up!
1st up will be a small gathering for Vee Nee before she go back to Singapore again to continue her studies.

It was Steve plan! Haha!
Mr Ker Jun also there after he finish work.

Vee Nee using Steve camera and my wide angle lens! Woot!

Steve thinking deeply. . .

Vee Nee. . .

and moody Yan Peng. . . Smile Smile la!

On Thursday, manage to get my repair flash back! Phew!
My bro get a new laptop! HP HDX X16!
The name itself banyak panjang!
Full HD 1080 display LCD Screen. . . The finishing banyak cantik!

See the quality. . .

Enjoy the quality of the screen. . .

16" screen! Banyak besar!

Ergonomic keyboard!

Blu-ray capability! Damn nice!

many special features!

HDMI port for HDMI cable!

number pad for better number typing

HDX Premium Series!

More coming up next!
Stay tune for more!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

PSC Final

OMG! I really should be much more hardworking in updating my blog! Everyday after work was sien sien and lazy to update blog. . .
Well. . . Today tell myself that I should at least complete the PSC Drill Competition Post. . .
The judge get some souvenier form the organizer. . .

Worry face or nervous face?

Personal Drill Top 5. . . Stanley Poh. . .

Air Itam Team 2nd Runner up in Team Category

And the moment that everyone has been waiting for!
8th Penang was announced as the Winning Champion for thsi year PSC Drill competition!
Team led by Sergeant Lim Chong Chiat

The title will be a memorable 1!

Best Commander Category

The crowd gone wild!

Even the officer also. . .=.="

Overall Best Commander

CLHS Team. . .

The old folks that finally win the battle!

Air Itam Team. . .

The a little photo of you la Jonathan Sir! Haha!

The precious moment. . . Let the drum line start the beat!

There also abnyak photographer neh!
Nikon and Canon la. . . I'm the only Sony! Nvm la! Haha! I'm the underdog!