Friday, June 5, 2009


Yo! Morning everyone! Just drop my bro at CLHS for his camping trip at Teluk Bahang just now. . .

Yesterday checked my bro back pack and found some way to organize it. . .
Why bring till two bag where u can do it with 1 bag? Haha!

He forget to bring slipper. . .

Plastic bag

He even forget to pack socks. . .

This is a mass tin. . . A very common for military or people who wish to have multipurpose utensil and save space. . . It can be a pot to cook whatever u wan. . . or be a "cup" or be a plate to hold your dishes. . .

Why still need this Tupperware pulak?

Always roll up your clothes and pant to save up more space

Bring bigger plastic bag to cover your big in case it rain. . . You don't want all your camp cloths to wet right? 

1 thing that my bro bring was brilliant. . It was a bag containing all the sanitary item u need in 1 bag. . .

A face towel, tooth paste, a shorter version of tooth brush, a brush, body shampoo and hair shampoo and a pair of plastic utensil. It was plastic because standard steel then to poke your  stuff if you pack till very tightly.

Bring some cracker if it was raining and you unable to cook or just want some instant food to get pumped up! Haha!

Never forget your hanger as you always need to keep your towel dry. . . Or not your towel will be smelly in a day!

Find any space that you can find and slot item which fit the space.

When go for camping, always take some first aid kit with you. . . It may come in handy when you have a small cut or wound need to be seal off from the environment.
I put a tissue paper and a water proof plaster. . . Which was quite reliable and going for a bath won't be a problem as water won penetrate into the plaster.

And the final result!

Oh yea!

Remember to bring your dish washer liquid go as you may want to clean up your mass tin after a meal.

Always bring a spare battery in case you existing battery are are used for a period of time. . .

That's all folks! Happy camping!