Saturday, June 27, 2009


This post is going to talk about few stuff happened few days ago and I'm late to posting it up!
1st up will be a small gathering for Vee Nee before she go back to Singapore again to continue her studies.

It was Steve plan! Haha!
Mr Ker Jun also there after he finish work.

Vee Nee using Steve camera and my wide angle lens! Woot!

Steve thinking deeply. . .

Vee Nee. . .

and moody Yan Peng. . . Smile Smile la!

On Thursday, manage to get my repair flash back! Phew!
My bro get a new laptop! HP HDX X16!
The name itself banyak panjang!
Full HD 1080 display LCD Screen. . . The finishing banyak cantik!

See the quality. . .

Enjoy the quality of the screen. . .

16" screen! Banyak besar!

Ergonomic keyboard!

Blu-ray capability! Damn nice!

many special features!

HDMI port for HDMI cable!

number pad for better number typing

HDX Premium Series!

More coming up next!
Stay tune for more!