Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Botanical Shoot Out

Last Friday, after went to take my lens at Click And Snap, we went to Botanical Garden to have some test shot with my wide angle lens and a chance to shoot with a new friend! Haha
Mr Xiong cleaning his filter during our journey to Botanical Garden

Some test shot with Sigma 10-20mm
The crowd

Nikon D60!

Big Head Ah Saix!

Now I can take the whole tree into frame with shorter distance from the original kit lens! HAHA!

After that, switch to 50mm f/1.4

Mummy told us cannot talk on the phone while driving u can talk on the phone and snapping pic leh! Haha!

All picture are not photoshop!
I like the last few picture where I manage to get proper exposure and rim light on their hair which makes them looks more 3D.

All thanks to Louis Pang for sharing all these wonderful tip on taking proper exposure pic!

Just came back from work not long ago. . . Damn tired!