Sunday, June 7, 2009


Today will have a talk about a company that I'm currently working! Haha!
My parent company!

The old rusty container that serve us for almost 10 years liao!

In side the office was like a war zone! Everything keep moving. . . Even eat during work! OMG la!
On the most left is my aunt! The accountant of the company! Miss Janeez

On the right answering a telephone call 1 is my another aunt! The Head of HR Department! Almost everything she takes care of. Miss Teh

Have to use my blower mostly every time because the atmosphere was damn dusty! Normal people work here sure will fall sick easily. . . Because cannot stand the dust! HAHA!

The Designer. . . Counting quotation. Miss Beh

The another designer. . . Nor
Currently going to study in USM and going to work part time at my parents company if she can la. . .Haha! She is a talented 3D designer!

Last Saturday, we take our grandparent out for a dinner again! Haha! This time is to a place where my grandparent like to visit and a place where my mum old old old friend was working there!
Nearby Kwang Hwa Primary School only.. . Also near Yin Ming house. . . Lol!


The "Lor soon"???

The "Teow Chew" Style fried tofu!

Sea Cucumber!

The snow fish! Damn expensive! RM34 per slice!

Today had a wonderful day with Aik Wei, Jing Ming and KSP!
We talk and talk for hours! More detail in few more days!

Stay tune for it! I will be working in Gurney from this Thursday until Sunday on a very very big scale Sony fair! Do come visit me! Haha!