Sunday, June 28, 2009


Yesterday after Sony Alpha workshop, went to QB with Jing Ming and his fren Alfred to shoot some super bike! I think when I got a longer lens! I will go to MotorGP next year!! Or F1! Haha!

Feature Kawasaki!
Green Ninja

A few like scrambler type bike. . . Damn light and nice!

The muffler is different la. . . different pitch of sound. . . damn nice. . . more picture or video can check out Jing Ming blog!

A mas rider type of bike. . .

Black Ninja. . .

Air Intake

The ekzos

Green Ninja bottom part. . .

Carbon fibre ekzos?

Radiator. . .

High performance disc brake!

More tomorrow!

Attended Enrolment Sunday this morning. . . Had a good time there. . . But unfortunately at 12 O' Clock I have to leave to accompany my mum to Gurney Hotel to attend her client son wedding.

Have a great weekend everyone!