Wednesday, June 17, 2009

INTI Awards Giving Ceremony

Today went for a hair cut at QB Theatre before go to INTI Awards Giving Ceremony held at Lecturer Theatre.
More than 200++ student get to get cert for President Awards, Dean Awards, Excellent Awards and Merit Awards like me punya. . . HahA!

Got people wear almost same shirt like me! So swt!

Our course SuperMan! OKQ~! Straight As from start to end! Am I correct? He gets the President Awards! Damn keat! Highest of all!

Special guest of the day! Dato Eddy Choong. . .
Malaysia Legend Badminton player! Go and google for it! You will be amazed!

After that, We all went to QB Sakae Sushi makan dinner!
Eddie aka Tauke

The 3 flower! 1 is missing! Yung Ping didn't come for the Awards Ceremony.

I order eh dunno what Special Hot Plate Unagi. . . Taste okay la. . . But looks not okay! Haha!

After that plan to watch 17 again but it is full! So go for a sudden change. . . Tactical Unit. . .
Saw an lovely couple there! Haha!

The movie kinda sien!

I'm waiting for Transformer!!!!


Sen Sen said...
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Sen Sen said...

wa.. u from inti as well? i from inti one last time...

now awards ceremony so big.. last time when i get awards.. so small nia..

some more i be the part time lecturer as well and the paid is so low.. :(