Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Photo Kakis Gathering

Last Sunday, went to Greenlane Mcd to hangt out with some kakis!
KSP (Canon 1000D), Jing Ming(Nikon D90) and Aik Wei(Lumix LX3 and some "special" camera)
Aik Wei Checking out Jing Ming D90 and beheaded people on the left is KSP! Sorry! Haha!

Julia have 1 too!

KSP Weapon of choice! Haha! Canon Rebell!

Sipek Coolrr~~ Jing Ming Taking what neh?

Aik Wei Canon Film Camera! Damn Solid neh! Feels different too!

The develop of the film only cost RM4 which kinda cheap too! And you can put the negative into scanner which has the ability to scan negative and photoshop it into colour picture! Haha!

I think that's the way those lomo camera user do it too right? Haha! Working tomorrow at Gurney! Come to visit when you can! Haha!

Saix Saix and Stevie not there! Aiks!

When can we have a group outing in this big gang?? Haha!