Monday, June 15, 2009

Sony Fair Day 2

The 2nd day, have quite a shot with my colleagues. Still abit free compare to whats happen Saturday!
Friday morning is kinda calm and easy and the crowd start to gain momentum at afternoon as many people have more free time when the Malays go for sembayang!

Today post will have more photo of my colleagues
Mr Chew.

Miss Ooi and Mr Chew. . . Looks match? Haha!

DJ Chan come to our booth to promote our booth as we were still taking picture and this was the candid shot of everyone together.

Miss Ooi with her sister Miss Hooi Ling

Baby sleeping on his dad shoulder. . . Fathers' Day is coming liao huh!

Ah Chew relaxing with his Walkman on his ear. . .

While Mr Quan, Mr Song, Miss Ooi were discussing about something. . . Haha!

A lot to tell but I'm damn sleepy now!

More post tomorrow~!
A330 review tomorrow!
Stay tune for it!