Thursday, June 11, 2009


Today I'm working in Gurney for the Sony FIFA Fair!
The main hall

1st Candid shoot of the day. . .
Hui Ling & Lynn

The corner where people at age 6 above can come to compete!
Have to deal with a few people then if you win all, you can win a new PSP! Omg
Fast fast train your skill! This promo only conducted once a day until Sunday!

The center display unit

Full HD TV Set! Damn nice! Watching it whole day! Quality damn nice! 70" cost RM17,000! But its going to free you 1 Blu-Ray player and another LCD TV! How nice!

Today I got a special section to take care off!
The shooting area where I can shoot guest for free and they will have free prin of their pic for FREE!!!!!

1st time got at least a simple "studio" lighting! Haha!
Here is my result! No flash fire (My flash still i repair!) only use my 50mm! and editing only to change the colour.
Area Manager (Peng) Left; Gurney Manager (Quan) Right
Funny bosses! Haha!

Some little testing with the studio lighting.

Ah Chew!

I dunno your name! You keep close your face when my lens pointing at you! Omg!

I also dunno your name! Pai Seh! Haha!

Shoot of the day!

Finally I get a grip of correct exposure!
Thanks a lot to Louis!

I save my time from editing in photoshop! Haha!

More tomorrow!
A330 will reach Gurney tomorrow! be the 1st time 5 to get it! Something  VERY "SPECIAL" awaits you all!