Sunday, June 21, 2009

PSC Part 2

Today going to feature a set of more art site of drill. . .
Commander checking his squad make sure they are ready to roll out! Haha!

Sure and Stedfast

We are ready!

Don't judge by our appearance. . . We can crush you! Haha! Jk!

After that It started to rain. . . It add some punch to some picture! Make it more "feeling"? haha!
Corporal Chang guard in the rain. . .

8th Penang in action!

Rain is not an issue. . .

I banyak nervous neh! Haha!

Together we shall do it!

Stop for some candid shot. . .
Ean Yong? Did I spell it right? And Sophia

Sgt Chang eh "yam" smile. . .=.="

Total of 11 team join this year. . .

Some testing with my wide lens
Really banyak wide neh! Haha!

More tomorrow!