Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yin Ming 21st

Today Will skip the review on the Sony New Alpha A330.
Will talk about Yin Ming 21st birthday 1st! Haha! Just come back from her birthday celebration at Redbox!

Zhi Hao with the photo book that I have done for our trip to Genting, Ah Hwa, The birthday Girl and Wei Lin.

Use a wide lens to shot this. . . I damn unhappy with the picture quality for indoor shooting now! No external flash to use! Damn! Still have to wait for Sony Centre to call me! Aiks! After this is fix, I'm going to fix the another 1 soon. . . Hopefully. . . Be patient!

The birthday cake. . .

Sweet Sweet 21st Birthday! Haha!

They karaokeing. . .

For me leh. . . I just makan makan! Haha! I'm getting fatter fatter! I promise I tomorrow going to get a hair cut! My hair damn like a grass now!

Distortion from the super wide angle lens make Eddie looks even longer!

Make Wei Lin become thinner but head bigger! Haha!

Have a Happy Happy Birthday Yin Ming!
May all your dreams comes true!

More to come tomorrow! Its been a busy week! I seriously need rest! OMG! Now its already 2am! I'm still sorting all my pictures!

I wish I have turbo button on my body so I can finish everything in a go!

Anyone wants shooting during the weekend? Sien la


NaMeLeSs said...

Thanks for everything yea~