Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bboy Of The Month

Continue from previous Bboy Battle post.

Judge: Joel, Katsu and Zac

The crowd at the back and the contestant in the front.

Bboys showing off their skill in front of the judge.

Bboy Develle mood not good that day. . . And Bryan. . . Shuffle DJ! HahA!

Some of the contestant doing their moves. . . Aiks! My flash reli got problem. . . The power was not calibrating correctly. . .

Ah Beh vs Ice. . .But lose. . . why why why?

And finally a Bboy from Melaka won the Bboy of The Month!

Joel gf! Haha! Acting cute neh! Haha!

Sorry kinda simple post. . . Tired. . . Want to sleep liao!

More surprise in Friday. . . Stay tune for it!