Monday, June 8, 2009

Home Coming

Last Thursday night, go to bus station to fetch Ah Saix!
She is back in Penang! Haha!
The Triple "S" is finally reunited after a month! Haha!
The siao face we seldom see liao eh! Haha!

We went to E-Gate Noodle Station to have our dinner with Steve!
The Interior Design

It was the 1st time I'm there. I had a bad experience with noodle station back in Genting. . . It taste bad!

But here I have a different experience here! The food was nice!
My Ice Lemon Tea. . . Looks like beer! Haha!

Saix drinks

My BBQ Honey Chicken Noodle! Omg! Nice!

Some Collages of Ah Saix!

More to come tomorrow! Stay tune for it!