Saturday, January 31, 2009


As we traditonally do, we visit my dad place on the 1st day, 2nd day my mum place and the third day my "Ar Chor"place which is my mum's mum dad....Kinda long relationship hor...Haha!

Then drummer starting the lion dance

As usual there will alot of lion dance during CNY...Some good some bad... This was the best 1 i see so far...

On the same afternoon, I saw 2 Heli over the army barrack opposite my house.... This was I manage to take. Wish I had a long lens haha!

But that is next year liao la..... This year I'm going to stick with my 50mm f/1.4!

Stay tune for more pending post!
My flash is alive! But still I think it need to get to service to check if it is still function properly.

Just received a bad news.....My friend, Noris just told me that her mum had breast cancer and the operation was a success but will be going for kimotheraphy next week....

For Christian, please pray to ease the pain from kimo

For Buddhist, also "Po Pi" her mum also la....^_^

Friday, January 30, 2009


On the second day, in the early morning we went to my mum mum side to visit cousin.

This place was my grandfather God Mum place.

Grandpa God Uncle Place

Afternoon was hard to pass therefore my aunt bring all of us 9 cousin to QB to watch All's Well End Well!
Damn funny movie!
Recommended to watch it during Chinese New Year! Not to miss it o!

After that straight go to another aunt house to attend her open house!
There were Lion Dance there too!
Of Course is Lion Dance in action la! And also ready to get the "Blessed" coin spit out from the lion head.

The lion dance performance was not very impression compare to the next day when at my "Ah Chor" house eh. Will post about it soon.

The fish pond on the backyard of my aunt house.
This also where my flash unit life end!
My cousin accidentally knock down my flash unit into the flash!
I was so OMG on that time!

Now just have to get it fix and tomorrow still got photo shoot for Danzity! Damn!
I think I just have to think another way out to take pic liao la...

Stay Tune for more!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


For the 1st time in my life, the 1st day of Chinese New Year was not a good one. 1st case to know at night before the 1st day was my grandma was admitted to hospital due to fracture bone on her hips and next day morning we go to fetch her.
All goes well as everyone taught until afternoon when she throw up a lot and we have to admit her to Pantai Hospital Pula....

Her diabetic was doing all the kacau....

2day did not updated liao, so this 1 will be a long 1

Fetching my grandma back from lam wah ee.... In the early morning where I still sleep like a pig!

After drop my grandma back to home, me and my parent went back home to fetch my brothers and sister to "Pai Jia"

But after that, tragedy struck again! She was not feeling well and we straight away send her to Pantai.

I left my camera with my bro back at grandma house and teach him some setting and this is what he capture! Nice job bro!

After this is mine 1! HAHA! Btw... have you all safe guard your house properly? I know I was kinda late to say about this but still our house still got a lot of angpau right?! Better take to bank save o!

After we get back to grandma house was 3 hours later.... My brothers and sister was starting to mumbling about waiting for how long....Haha! And do a mini shooting for my bro when my mum is talking to my grandpa.

This picture was taken during sunset on the 1st day of Chinese New Year

Okay lets get back to finish up the post about the performance in Times Square! I do a mini shooting for Yida and his friend.

Was satisfied with my flash diffuser because no ceiling for me to bounce so I have to use flash diffuser for direct flash.

And there were these traditional lion dance that normally people seldom see eh.

This face changing master was from China Mongolia which perform before I went back!
It was a lady! Damn she is good in face changing!

Have you all get tio many angpau?
Hope you all do la.... GONG XI FAT CAI!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Times Square Part-2

After the Chinese Orchestra performance then start the opening of the event by 4 singes which sings the Penang Times Square Theme Song!
Wow! Now even shopping mall also got Theme Song liao! High End Leh!

But before that, a fountain picture to be share.
This was taken just beside the main stage. It was my 1st time to shoot fountain which the timing to press the shutter need to be precise to ensure the water was capture clearly.

I'm using Manual Focus for it.

Just like the post back in Dinner at Kim Gary with Old Friends.
I had people messing up my picture! Damn! The children was running here and there....OMG

This was the 4 singer.

After that a dance club call 5678 performing traditional dance.

Kinda like the feel the way their action expressed to perform the dance

And followed by another singer.

Stay tune for my picture during my Chinese New Year!
Have you all watch the "Moon eat Sun" incident yesterday at 5.30pm-6.30pm?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Time Square Part 2

Now...about the event held in Time Square.
It was a steambot event that supplied by Golden Steambot at Nagore Road.
I suppose the event is to promote Penang Tourism and opening or Times Square.

Does this picture look fake? The background looks like set up purposely but it is real! The sunset skyline and the lighting on the spot were "Ngam Ngam"! So it looks kinda fake! HAHA!

There are.... I suppose few hundred table of steambot!

The Chinese Orchestra doing a opening warm up to entertain the guest..

Take this when was walking around.... There are many lighting on the floor too! Cool Man! LED lighting in the tile!

Times Square damn tall! Just like Time Square in KL

Currently I suppose I was getting ready to go to visit my cousin....
Hopefully later night I will be able to post another post for tomorrow...
Take care everyone!
Wish you all get large angpau and eat until full full!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Time Square

Today abit about my sister birthday celebration back at last Thursday..

Group picture of everyone on that day...

Do simple photo shoot for Mr Foo which is my bro friend. Currently working at FILA QB... If you all plan to do some shopping.... You all can drop by at there.... I ask him give discount!

Do a strobing effect using my "SLK" as a subject.
Thanks for Yao Tong for the assistant of holding the flash.
OMG! Now only noticed my car still dirty and did not wash yet! Later I have to go to wash ler....clean clean pass new year

Yesterday went out with YIDA to Komtar, before he reach I go to search for the camera shop that many people says was very cheap! Guess what! It just located beside Komtar only!
All the price was very cheap compare to other shop even the Sony retailer and online purchase!
I brought my self a flash diffuser...Planning to buy lenses and 2 filter this coming birthday....
Buy 1st... Worry later....
Because the camera price will increase soon but the time is still unknown....Better buy 1st.... Without sacrificing few hundred bucks to get the same item during Christmas.....

This baby diffuser cost me RM40! But still worth it la... Because it give me superb lighting control during the photo taking during Penang Time Square event on yesterday night.

After eating at Komtar, I went to Times Square to take picture and YIDA was going to do performance there.....

Inside the Times Square, the view was superb! Looks like 5-Star Hotel or like a luxurious airport lobby! Damn Nice!

Outside also not bad too!

This picture taken during the sunset and the Komtar was shining in dim golden colour...

Another view of the evening...

More picture tomorrow! If I manage to online and update....
Probably I will do a schedule post for tomorrow....

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Family Potrait

Few days ago inda siao siao then do simple photoshoot for my bros and sis.
Many pic kinda personal la so...Going to post 2 pics only!

1 emo picture of my brother...

A siao siao group picture acting batman!

Then a few days earlier, we celebrated my cousin birthday at his house when we sudddenly sing birthday songs to him when he was busy playing "Mo Siang"....

My sis with the family favourite dog! Bobo!
He was collected my my grandpa friends and pass it to my uncle at the vegetable plantation near Balik Pulau there....

Since then, he was a damn happy dog! Everyday onli makan and play! eat till kinda fat ler.... My uncle make the dog on diet! HAHA!

Owh...Another post about my sis birthday.... Still processing the picture.... Probably will post tomorrow.....
This is the cakes that my sis get for her 21st birthday!

My sis was a happy girl that night! Angpau hitting nearly RM1000!
Gift was kinda expensive till I also speechless....
Haha! I just "Big Canon" only la!

More interesting picture and story tomorrow! Stay tune!

New Blog Header!

Just manage to change my blog header....
After so long it was on pending due to busy schedule...Phew.... Finally manage to post!

This is my last header from December and will now change a new header for the coming Chinese New Year.

Here is some post about what did I did on Monday after kena ppk..
Went to my grandma house to do "Kuih"
Then go to meet Chuan Wei at E-Gate to get the new magazine, photoshop sharing and chit chat alot! Haha!

More pending post soon!
Stay Tune for more!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Danzity Anniversary Part 2

This is the last post for Danzity Anniversary at EaglePoint! By the way I will be busy for tomorrow at Thursday probably will having late post.
Thursday I'm going to ponteng account class to help out my sis 21st birthday celebration!
Nvm la it is a forgiven sin that I told myself! Haha!
Many stuff not yet complete and done! Down! Stress nia....@_@

This is made for you Slim Hang!

This is for Sunny....

People finish eat only I take picture... Probably I'm really a "tam jiak" ghost a! Saw food nia tio forget picture liao! Haha!

Actually nothing much to say....Just let the picture describe for you all!

Chinese New Year just around the corner.....Should I change a header?

Procasination stop me from doing so....Kinda moody lately... Haha! Emoing~~~~

Stay Tune for more!